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Adds an animated staff with HDT on the chain, based on Christina Sewell Crystal Staff design. Comes in 4k & 2k resolutions.

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R i i l u n g o l z
Essence . Leeching . Stone
Legendary Edition

I was browsing through ArtStation and then bumped into an awesome crystal staff design from Christina Sewell.
I never made a weapon before and thought this was a good practice run.
And I always wanted to give a shot at learning HDT and animating stuff, so here we are.

This mod adds a powerful staff that leeches off of your enemies essences and shares it with you.
(steals 15 points of health, 25 magicka & stamina points and slows down their regens)

The staff can be acquired in a collapsed temple, near Cragslane Cavern, and is guarded by a high level dragon priest.
Once obtained, you can convert the staff into either it's one-handed or two-handed variant with a similar enchantment
at any forge under the wood category (requires the original staff).


HDT Physics Extensions
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE
RaceMenu or Netlmmerse Override


The HDT sling (the chain) uses slot 44, but SHOULD work regardless any other item slots that happen to use the same slot.
The hotfix should eliminate any issue, and should be compatible with other HDT mods.


Q: The chain is static/HDT is not working!
A: re-equip the weapon, same counts when loading a save. HDT on weapons just be like that.

Q: HDT isn't working on first person view!
A: That's correct, it doesn't. That's just how it is.

Q: Will you add a DSR patch?
A: unfortunately no. DSR or any gearing mod does not like HDT for some reason.
I have tried many times creating patches and it only leads to staves having no chains at all or CTD.
That's why I added both one-handed & two-handed variants, so once equipped, it will be visible on the back with working HDT.
Skyrim staves system sucks, voice your complains to bethesda.

Q: Will there be a SSE version?
A: Yes, it's available right here!

Q: I would like to report a bug!
A: Please report any bugs in the bug section, so I will 100% see it.
(otherwise it may get lost in the comment section)

Q: Can I use this mod for ....?
A: I do not allow any re-uploads of this mod EVER. This is a nexus exclusive mod, please respect my wishes.
If you wish to use the staff for your own mod, please contact me first.

A round applause for
All my amazing Patrons for their support, you guys keep me going and try to be better.
And as well for my fam at the DSServer.

I love you guys <3

My other mods

Dint999 for his tutorial on adding hdt to weapons & script.
Christina Sewell for her original crystal staff design.
Humus for the cubemaps resource.
Darkfox127 for the display script.
Brammariek for making the dungeon possible <3

Tools of trade
3Ds Max
Substance Painter

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