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Adds my sweet summer flower, Beliagof, as a standalone follower.
This mod is (probably) retired. Please see description.

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Retired 16.3.2018:
My recent study abroad has enlightened me to my future and I have decided to retire from modding and gaming in general in order to pursue my studies and my desired future. I've booked myself with two majors, a minor, and am looking heavily into scholarship and study abroad opportunities and cannot jeopardize this by becoming immersed in gaming again. Unfortunately, as a result of this I (likely) won't be fixing any issues (unless i have an extended period of free time) and therefore won't be uploading my recent update of this mod. I'm glad you like her regardless and I hope you enjoy the version that is for download. :)

Thank you for front page!!!!

honestly i dont really have any background information besides that she's a farmgirl originally from the north-western area of falkreath hold. i'd like to make her a more in-depth follower at some point but i'm also really uncreative with writing
i made up her name at one point and it kind of stuck, but turns out belia means "white" in czechoslovakian. who knew. think of "gof" like the ending of some nord names like brynjar or brynhilder.

Name : Beliagof
Level : 5+
Voice : Young Eager (Vanilla)
Body : UNPP
Height : 0.93
Weight : 0.00
Location : Large tree in Riverwood
Combat Style : Archer
Perks: Quick Shot, Critical Shot, Power Shot, Ranger, Agile Defender, Bullseye, Deft Movement
Default Outfit : Merchant's outfit
ETC : Essential, Marriageable

The hair she comes with is a wig that requires HDT Physics. However, this wig can be removed, and she has hair underneath (which can be seen in the preview images).
Let me know if there are any problems; this is my first time making a follower. I kept most things as default from MAFKit but you never know.
Please also keep in mind all screenshots (except for the last one) were made using her as my player character, not her as a follower.

Known Issues:
  • Wrist seams. It might be the mesh. not sure why it's a thing.
  • Duplicate braid mesh? I fixed this issue initially where I don't get it when I first encounter her, or when I recycle her / disable & enable / reset her inventory. it seems kind of spontaneous. One of the duplicate meshes was deleted, but I'll look into the reason why this happens. This is a problem with the original mod I got the wig from, as reported from the mod page's bug reports.
  • If you're having a difficult time initially getting her to follow you, use the console command "recycleactor", then "resetinventory" on her. She should then start to follow you.

  • I made her to be immersive and life-like, so I'd really prefer if you kept her in lore friendly attire (although I can't stop you from doing otherwise)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    future plans:
    Find her at her home! (i might change her origins there's not a single place in falkreath hold that's decent enough for a house)



    Recommended Mods:

    Special Thanks to Ashes2Asherz for MAFKit and psuedoskull for putting up with my million questions

    Find my game blog / contact me here!