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This mod allows followers and NPC’s to use Stealthic’s and Kalilies’ beautifully crafted KS Hairdos with HDT Physics by creating wigs.

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Wigs - so followers can use KS Hairdos with HDT physics

DESCRIPTION: This mod allows followers to use Stealthic’s and Kalilies’ beautifully crafted KS Hairdos with HDT Physics by crafting wigs. The “wigs” are essentially helmets that are craftable at the sky forge in Whiterun (located behind Jorvaskr, the companions home in Whiterun).  Since they are helmets, they can be tempered and enchanted. Circlets may be worn with the wigs.

There are currently 47 HDT KS Hairdos adapted to wigs: Amor, Angels, Anto92, Baby Doll, Baby Doll with band, Bluebird, Cambrian, Crescent, Desperate, Didar, Freesia, Galaxy, Gecko, Harvest, Icarus, Kerli, Kikyo, Koala, Lotus, Metropolis, Metropolis2, Milliet, Moonrise, Only You, Paraguay, Rosie Cloud, Searching, Starlet, Sky 022, 033, 097, 146, 176, 188, 201, 208, 239, 250, Summer Haze, Sweet Villain, Tell Me, Tonight, Traveler, Vapor, Vice City and Wine.

Each wig comes in black, blonde, brunette, chestnut, red and white (276 wigs in all).  You can now assign a wig with any outfit if you use an outfit manager such as found with Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT).

Also included is a "Harvest Feather Circlet" that enables the lovely KS Harvest hairdo feathers to be worn with any KS Hairdo. 

NON-HDT OPTION: For those who do not like the HDT version, there is a non-HDT version that currently boasts 22 converted KS Hairdos, Aquaria, Butterfly 091, Cadence, Candle, Cassy, Cliché, Heaventide, HeaventidePB, Macho, Sky 033, 201, 275, Sleepwalking, Sweet Scar, Temptress, Titanium, Top Gorgeous, Vapor, Veteran, Wakeup, Wishingtree and Zombrex.  There are a couple of wigs that will work for both males and females (Veteran and Macho) and one male only wig (Zombrex).


As of Version 4.0, two new HDT hair styles, Vapor and Crescent, have been converted per request. Also to address complaints about the mod cluttering the crafting menu, the wigs can now only be crafted at the Skyforge in Whiterun.   

NEW NON-HDT Version 1.025 is here! The new hairdos include the requested Butterfly 091, Cadence, Candle, Cliché, Heaventide, HeaventidePB, Sleepwalking, Sky 275, Temptress, Titanium, and Wakeup. That is 66 more wigs for non-HDT enthusiasts.  The Wigs now can only be created at the Skyforge in Whiterun, behind Jorvasker (the companions dwelling in Whiterun).  

KS Hair Renewal is required for the Non-HDT version.


Video by Skylaskyrim.

Review by Porterhause

INSTALLATION: Use mod manager or drop the esp and mesh files in your data folder.


HDT Version:
Use mod manager or delete the “KS wigs” esp and the “KS wig HDT” mesh folder located at Data/Meshes/Armor.

NON HDT Version:
Use mod manager or delete the "KS Wigs Non-HDT" esp. and KS wigs M and KS wigs F folders in Data/Meshes/Armor.

1. If your follower does not equip the wig, make sure there are no other helmets in the inventory that have a higher armor rating.

2. If the wig changes color, simply un-equip then re-equip the wig.

3. Vanilla Hair: For some reason vanilla hairdos will leave the "long hair" portion of the hair visible when wearing an HDT wig.  Unfortunately, you will have to replace the npc's hair with a custom hair by using a mod that changes character appearance (hair to custom) or change the hair to custom using the creation kit.  

4. To keep your follower from disappearing, make sure to save, exit and reload your game after you give your follower her new wig. 


HDT Version:
1. KS Hairdos - HDT Physics by Stealthic and Kalilies

2. HDT Physics Extensions


Non HDT Version:
1. KS Hair-Renewals


1. Stealthic and Kalilies for their beautifully crafted KS Hairdos - HDT Physics

2. HydrogensaysHDT  for HDT Physics Extensions

3. Apogee777and Suredude HDT Hair to Hair Helmet Tutorial

Stealthic and Kalilies have authorized use of their KSHairdos - HDT Physics for NPC and follower mods, but may request that this mod be removed if desired.