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HDT horse model replacer and animation overhaul. Adds turning animations for sprinting and walking that don't exist in vanilla.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Horse remodel with HDT tail, works with any retexture
  • Idle and movement animations redone
  • Introduces walking and sprinting turning animations
  • Sprinting redone using Muybridge photos
  • Sprinting speed and turning increased
  • Running speed slightly increased
  • Horse height decreased to 0.93 x vanilla
  • Horse stamina increased to 4 x vanilla
  • Horse stamina regen increased to 1.5 x vanilla

The stuttering you see when the horse is turning is due to bad fps/stutter in my game.

HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT

  Hale - Horse Retexture by Halendia

  Convenient Horses - compatible, see bug solution below.
  Immersive Horses - this mod and my mod both makes changes to the Horse Race, you can put IH's esp later in your load order or make a patch.
  Realistic Running Speed (or other movement speed mods)- put HorsesRevamped.esp later in load order
  Bug Solution
  Horses that are spawned for followers with Convenient Horses can sometimes appear invisible or have a stretched tail. There are 2 ways to fix this: 
  • You can disable follower horses in Convenient Horses MCM and use the horse whistle to call your horse.
  • You can use the optional file "Horses Revamped - Animations" instead of the "Horses Revamped - Full" version.

  • Unique horses like shadowmere and arvak won't have the new meshes but will use the new animations

  Tamira - helped me fix the transparency for the mane/tail
  necKros - HDT Autopilot Tools for 3ds 1.0