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Adds some Naruto HDT hairs to your game

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*****OUT OF NEXUS AND MODS********
My mods won't be updated anymore, they took unexpected work and time to answer requests and was no longer fun to do so
I really miss making mods and playing skyrim, but maybe reached my limit of what I can give to Nexus and Naruto fans.
I appreciate all the good feedback you guys gave me and I hope I can contribute more in the future 

Support my Patreon to beta test my mods

You asked for it, and here it is!

I actually had couple more hairstyles to upload, but due to a HDD corruption I lost most of them (and some was broken and I managed to re-make the missing data)
I'll gradually update this mod with other hairstyles as I re-make them
Requests are welcome too (fixed post only)

Current hairstyles present in V1.0
-Yamanaka Ino
-Uchiha Itachi
-Uchiha Sasuke
-Uchiha Madara
-Namikaze Minato

*****WIP*****:  Some will be released in V1.1, some will take some more time

-Obito (long hair, teen)
-Sasuke (boruto, sasuke shinden, Curse Mark 2)

Estimated V1.1 release date: early march


Q: Could you make x character hair?

A: make your request exclusively responding to the stiky post

Q: How longe will you take to accept my request?

A: it may be soon or it may take a while. ALL requests will be included sooner or later.
   The truth is: I'm working on a project to add naruto armors/clothes all by scratch, including rigging, texturing and add hdt physics to those that need it. 
   This project is my priority for now and it takes a lot of time and effort.
Since hairs are easier to make than clothes, I may work on one or other when I'm taking a break from armors.

Q: Will it be avaible for SSE/Xbox one?

A: I have another mod page without physics (needs update). For HDT-SMP, I'm too lazy to learn how to work with it for now.
So, yes, all my mods will be ported for XOne/SSE, but without physics.
Unless someone is willing to convert HDT-PE to SMP. In that case, pm me so we can discuss about it

Q: can you make 4k Textures?

A: I don't see the need of it, but maybe in the future, who knows.

ALL Hairstyles above are unisex (may experience some gaps, but I won't make an individual hairstyle for each gender. Use at your own will)