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Take some time and relax forgeting the wars

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This is a reloaded version of Tropical Islands made by Youk1 that I used as a world resource to create a new one. In this first version the scenery is basically for screenshots. I kept the dungeon and the cave from original file and added a new cave, a Dwarven ruin and three new huts, but now they are nothing beyond than aesthetical. Maybe in the future I can make something better with NPCs and quests (this last one when I learn how to create). I removed the tigers because I thought they don't match the environment, as it was based in Atlantic Forest. If there is someone with experience in 3D modeling can make a ocelot (jaguatirica in Portuguese), it would be great. The inspiration to make this mod came from the place where I live and the book Rio de Janeiro Havens (Refúgios do Rio).

Take some time and relax forgetting wars a little bit. Enjoy the beach and the beatiful landscape with a untouched and totally wild and calm rainforest. You access the island by going to the new ship in Solitude. To go back to Skyrim you need to go back to the boat behind where you spawn at the first island.

All I did was to make a mix of various mods made by the talented people below:

The optional texture file is a pack of selected textures that give to vanilla flowers a tropical look.
Dragon's Tongue, Mountain Flowers, Nightshade and Thistle by Renthal311
Deathbell by ArtByMary

Update 1.1 - Map Improvements:

Skyrim Updated and all DLCs (Dragonborn, Hearthfires and Dawnguard)

Unbelievable Grass Two (Note: Unfortunatelly the file was hidden by author here in Nexus. All the grass used is from this mod. If other grass mods are used it may not match the screenshots.)

As there was issues with these two files below as included mods, now they are required instead of included.
Manual install recomended: just move the Meshes folder and Textures folder from each mod to your Data folder.

SKSE - Skyrim Script Extender

After update 1.1: (not needed if you're using the non-NPC .esp file)

I inclued a few number of easter eggs that now means nothing, but I'm planning to make this an usefull thing like a quest that rewards you if you find all of them.

I strongly recommend to install only using Nexus Manager.

As in the original file, there is no LOD for this version. I tried to create one, but as this is my first modded file, it didn't work as I expected, so I kept the file without the LOD. If someone can do it, thank you a lot!

This mod may not be compatible with mods that modifies East Empire Company Exterior cells.

See the detailed information of each update in change log page
1.1 - Map Improvements

If you want to create a translation, do it, but try to keep the file always updated. Let me know if you create a translation, I'll link it here.