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The Gemstone Prophecy saga concludes with this all out, action filled finish.

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The final part of a play, movie, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved.

he Gemstone Prophecy Saga Concludes with this final part of the trilogy!!

i was like "wow...just wow". I enjoyed every single second of play" - HellSpawm

"Instead of a trilogy can't The Gemstone Prophecy be more like Friday the 13th and just keep going and going. Its one of my favorite quests and I love the followers" - Larpo

The BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT piece of ADVICE for these mods...READ THE BOOKS! It's how you know what to do. It doesn't have quest markers that pop up, just read the books, follow the directions, watch out for other books and read them all!

SE Version is HERE:


At the end of The Gemstone Prophecy 2: Deception, The GEMSTONE MAIDENS finally learned the truth. The "Prophecy" that they had come to trust,  the prophecy that made them all saviors of the world,  the prophecy that so many before them gave their lives for... was all a game. It was a sick, twisted game, orchestrated by Molag Bal and the Divines. 
The Divines have also destroyed both The courtyard of Dibella, and the Gemstone Island of Dibella. This was an attempt to keep the STONE SISTERS, AMAYA and RYBA, as well as ROLONCE' STORMCALLER from the truth of their clans history... but they are a bit too late. It is now apparent that the Divines and Molag Bal have been using the guise and illusion of the prophecy over the last several thousand years for only one purpose... To finally destroy and erase the true purpose of the SHYERI RACE. But why? Why have an all but extinct race of  female warriors been targeted, and by the Divines themselves, at that? What makes the Shyeri so important?

The only hope the maidens have to find these answers is the JADE MAIDEN, who has now summoned you to gather Amethyst, Ruby, and Onyx and bring them to her. Only she can lead them to THE FOURTH SHYERI, who, along with the other three maidens will at last defeat Molag bal and the Divines according to the real prophecy... The maidens will also finally learn the truth about TAO, The "Mother of all Shyeri", who disappeared thousands of years ago. Only then will the maidens have what is needed to defeat the Divines in battle.. a set of ancient legendary Shyeri arms, hidden in the Temple of the Tri-Nasi, The temple of BELLARI, the one, true creator.

Now You, along with the Maidens Jade, Ayama, Ryba, and Rolonce', will have to rush against time to bring the fight to Molag Bal and the Divines, save the world and finally bring the denouement of the Gemstone Prophecy saga once and for all.

TO START THE MOD - Go to the Blue Palace in Solitude and find the book on its platform on the bottom floor. Read It. Go save the world.

Reviews of Gemstone 1 & 2

Experience the FINAL chapter of the Gemstone Prophecy Saga, and if you need to catch up here are the mods you haven't played yet! The mods listed in order of canon Timeline!

The Prequel -

Book 1 -

Post GSP 1 Content -

Pre GSP2 Content -

Pre GSP2 Content -

Book 2 -

Requirements -

1.- A Follower framework mod that will enable you to have 4 followers and enable you to manage their armor, weapons and inventory. - AFT is known to cause issues when trying to give the girls their armor. EFF with FLP and RDO may be a much better choice. Make sure you can summon them, in case they get stuck along the way....there's a LOT of navmesh in this mod.

2. - HDT-PE: this is a HARD requirement. Or game goes boom.

3. - The regular same ol' reqs-



Q - Do I HAVE to play Gemstone Prophecy 1&2 first?
A - Good Lord YES. Gemstone Prophecy 1 is kinda like the 1st Matrix (kinda standalone), but 2&3 are like Reloaded and Revolutions: they go together, and there are like 150 books of story between all 3. If you don't play all of them in order you'll just have a dungeon mod with a lot of awesome story you'll never understand. The story and Gemstone lore IS what makes this mod more than just a dungeon mod.

Q: Is this really the end of the gemstone saga?
A: Yes. I am going to do a final mod based on the island, but its just an awesome 30 follower mod that's more of a love letter to the fans, and a fitting epilogue to the saga. 

Q: What are you doing now that it will all be done?
A: I am working on the novelization of the trilogy, and am also going to be working with VenjHammet on his next line of dungeon mods... Though I DO have an idea for a new trilogy... who knows... keep an eye out!


- Venjhammet, for the Dungeons and Island he created for this finale and the future
- FF7Legend, for all the fine tuning he did on the mods including Error fixing, bug testing, NPC and boss improvements, Weapon/armor improvement AND for porting them all to SSE. He's the man.
- Massive Master, for all the textures created by her in this mod (eyes, skin) the Bow used for Storm's Rain,...and the wings that'll be in the next mod
- RonnieMagnum, for Creating awesome weapons/armor for this mod, including Purple Rain, 
the Storm's Thunder, and for letting me use other of his mods to make The Rone-Magnum and the Shilo-Magnum 
- DarkSaint0523, for letting me use and change his dungeon Zhulhanch
- MSZ929, for letting me use the MSZ Cathedral 2018Xmas

- Ashes2Asherz, for his original ideas and help with many followers over the course of this journey
- SarcasticShark, for letting me use the Resplendent Armor - get it here
- MihailMods, for the use of the Gravelord mod - get it here -
- Mr Dave for the eye normal map fix! Get it here: 
- RavenDier, for letting me use his fantastic Elven Chainmail Armor to create the Maiden's Armor
- BoneTounge, For help with design, lighting, script, armor, follower creation and many other things
- Pandorable, for helping me re imagine the maidens and Bloodstone, with amazing designs and beautiful presets.