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Elegant armor mashup. With HDT physics.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
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  • Portuguese

Don't forget to check the videos tab for more gorgeous videos!

New update:
Version 1.3
- Gauntlets fixed, they now align properly with weapons and rings.
- Cuirass and skirt are now one nif file, meaning it no longer has to occupy an extra slot - meaning no more incompatibility with Dual Sheath and other mods.
- Also, the skirt now collides with legs. Bear in mind, it's not as perfect as you might think. Clipping still happens, but much less than before.

This is an elegant, noble armor mashup which may or may not be heavily inspired by Dark Souls and has HDT physics. It's my first proper mashup, which I made for myself and I'm still terrible not great with 3D programs so it's far from professional work, but I figured someone out there might enjoy it anyway.

• Can be worn by male and female.

• Is upgradeable and enchantable.

• Has no weight slider because I'm too lazy. Probably will never make one.

• I don't recommend using it with any skeleton that edits body scales such as XPMS or Subtle Male Skeleton. Technically nothing bad happens but the armor is already modeled to be rather thin and those skeletons will slim your waist to scary proportions. TL;DR don't blame me if you look like a wasp.
To avoid misunderstanding: It is NOT incompatible with XPMS. The armor just will not have the intended shape on male characters. If this doesn't bother you, or if you play female character, don't mind it.

• The sword uses battleaxe animations, but don't worry – it's still a sword and benefits from sword perks.

• If you wish to put this armor on followers/npcs, I highly recommend installing Hdt Invisibility Fix beta to solve the bug where they would frequently become invisible.

For Perkus Maximus users who cannot use the patcher with this armor, a user made patch is available here (not made or supported by me personally, as I don't use PerMa)


I'm overwhelmed by the tremendous positive response I've received for this mod. I never imagined it would become so popular.
You guys inspire me to make more stuff!

I'd also like to clarify that the HDT physics are not my creation - the original skirt with its physics was made by singlebelong, I only edited it.
At the moment I cannot help you in making your own physics, but be assured that I am going to learn how to work with HDT myself, or die trying.


Go to your favourite forge and craft. It has stats equal to ebony gear and therefore requires ebony perk to make, because balance and stuff.

The following items can be crafted at any forge
• Resplendent Armor, Boots, Gauntlets, Helmet and Greatsword - regular unenchanted versions
• Hallowed Armor, Boots, Gauntlets and Helmet - enchanted versions, for Dovahkiins who don't want to level enchanting

The following items can be crafted only at Skyforge (Whiterun, outside Jorrvaskr)
• Red, white, purple and green color variants of Resplendent and Hallowed armor
• Tarnished Armor, Boots, Gauntlets, Helmet and Greatsword - dark, tattered version of the set, available in two colors
• Abyssal Armor, Boots, Gauntlets and Helmet - enchanted version of Tarnished

If you don't like crafting, you can open console and type help resplendent (or hallowed/tarnished/abyssal) followed by player.additem xxxxxx 1 where xxxxxx is the item's ID.

Throw everything from the zip into your Data folder and activate the esp in the launcher. Also go download HDT Physics Extension if you don't have it already.

Delete all stuff that you previously placed in your Data folder.

• Some clipping, I'll probably reduce it further in a future update.
• Inventory models don't represent the real armor well, no plans to fix because I don't care how they look.
• Due to my laziness, using pieces individually will look bad (you will get holes in your legs etc) but I don't know why you wouldn't wear a full set anyway.
• The active effects tab will tell you Hallowed Helmet gives you only 20% shout cooldown but it's lying, it is 30%.

If you find bugs or general weirdness not listed here, please let me know.

Any suggestions/requests/ideas are welcome, I will not bite you. But there's no guarantee that I will implement your suggestions.

Thanks to the following modders for permitting me to use their models:
newermind43 for boots and gauntlets
JayMercer for helmet
singlebelong for skirt with glorious physics
Thanks to for being the best texture site ever.
And thanks to Bethesda for everything else I guess.

You are free to make body type conversions or retextures of this mod. Or anything you want.
However, you cannot upload the boots, gauntlets or helmet meshes without first getting permissions from the authors mentioned in the credits.
You may use singlebelong's skirt without asking permission (as stated by himself) and the cuirass and textures I made.
Want to make compatibility patches or translations? Feel free, as long as only the .esp is uploaded in such a file.
Don't upload anything to sites other than Nexus.