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The Flamebringer AIO is a Mix from a Player-Combat & Magic-Overhaul and a simple functional Armor-Set. Immersive "Spellsowrd"-Gameplay. Use as much as many different Spells and functions without change spells. Combine closed-combat and the wonders of magic into one very fluid combatstyle with unique combinations of visuals.

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Add-On for Racemenu: Flamebringer Tattoo

Skyrim SE Version

The Flamebringer AIO is a Mix from a Player-Combat & Magic-Overhaul and a simple Armor-Set. The Mod is themed to a immersive "Spellsowrd"-Gameplay to use as much as many different Spells and functions without the need to change spells. To combine Closed-Combat and the wonders of Magic into one very fluid combatstyle with unique combinations of visual effects.


The Flamebringer is known under many Names - one of them: Her birth name "Yol Hinaam". Born through Alduin's first spoken "Yol" - is Yol Hinaam his Firstborn - an original Daedric entity, the first Fireatronarch and Mother of Flames. Her name means "Fire, Your Servant" and that she was - the loyal servant of the Worldeater.

She (or "it" basicly) is one of the lesser known Daedric princes and has her own plaine called "purgatory" but her Plaine - her Realm is abondaned .. withered during her abstinence full of Atronarches, her daughters but leadless. Just like her fate to serve - it's their daughters fate too - that's why they are so popular conjurations.

Yol Hinaam inherited the hunger of her Father and saw his fate as Worldeater as her own - that's why she tried more then once to cover Mundus in her Flames. So on her last visit on Mundus - and as she came, she came not alone but with an army of her daughters to fulfill her selfchosen fate. She came over Tamriel like an angry all-consuming Firestorm until she arrived Skyrim's North. Even Eastmarch experienced a warm summer.

The reason behind her abstinence from Purgatory is easy telled: Gormlaith Golden-Hilt - to say it with a single name - one of the anciant tounges defeat her - But just like any other Daedric Prince the Flamebringer is immortal .. undieable and so the only way to end Yol Hinaam's Path of Destruction was to seal her. Not in her own realm - but isolated from the Purgatory and the well of her powers. Gromlaith sealed the Flamebringer into her own Blade and Armor and left on a Shrine dedicated to Kyne but abondened, forgotten over time. Because Gromlaith had another target another fate to fullfil.

Many men tryed to claim the Sword at the abondoned shrine near Kynesgrove - but no one was able to.. was worthy enough to name that sword his own.. until the last Dragonborn arrives.

  • A completely unique set of Armor 'Dyeable' into 8 different Colors.
  • some of the armor parts have different states of a chooseable "glow"-factor. From no-glow to heavy Glow to hit much tastes as Possible.
  • Supports Female and also Male Player-Characters - while the Male version does look (for my opinion) not so good as the Female version (sorry at that point. I really tryed my best but creating male armors is just not mine..)
  • complete CBBE, HDT and Bodyslide support included. (pre-created with my own (Skinny Girl to Big-Girl Preset) and builded Morphs so they react to Ingame Racemenu CBBE-Sliders)
  • Beastrace-Support for Khajiit and Argonians.
  • Sexy but protective - no steel bikini here.^^ But a topless male outfit so.. Nja x'D - but for everyone who like the spells but dislike the bodyarmor: The bodyarmor does not come with any special properties - so just wear another armor, that hits more your taste.^^
  • Armor was created with my "Flamebringer-Tattoo-Mod" in Mind.
  • Feel free to ignore any Armor-Part or Weapon that you dont like and just use the rest. No Armor-Part will need another as Requirementso that you can combine Armors and Weapons just as you like.
  • Once all Pieces are at the highest level: Your next Activation of the Flamebringer's Skull (while The Flamebringer-Sword is NOT equipped) will add the Spells to your Player without wearing the Armor - so that you can use all the spells even without wearing the armor or using the Sword.
  • A bunch of unique multifunctional spells to simulate a new level of Spellsword-Gameplay in Skyrim without the need of changing and (re)equipping a ton of different spells. 
  • Armor, Sword and Spells with Progression: Your armor and Weapon-stats are levelable and raise their Base-stats with your levelprogress. Also you can Level specific Armorparts (and the Sword) with the payment of one Dragonsoul and one Perkpoint per level. The Spelldamage you deal with the Flamebringer will raise with your Playerlevel to ensure balance and usefulness even up to the higher Levels of Gameplay.
  • a Graycowl inspired Hood, that allows you to trick Vanilla-Skyrims (Justice/Hold/Guard)-Crimefactions.
  • Ingame toggleable armorweight between Light- and Heavy-Armor.
  • Natural Gameplay: The usage of the different spells and spelleffects are totally Natural just use your left-hand spell, all 3 words of your new shout or use Power- or Bashattacks with the Flamebringer-Sword to cast different Spelleffects fitting to the current situation.
  • Step by Step learning: If you unlock all the features over time (and not instantly at the beginning^^) you will learn the usage of all Spelleffects, and against other Games the Flamebringer-Combat-Gameplay invites you to use all the new abillities.
  • a new custom Weapon-Enchantment, that is be sealed on a Dagger and added to your inventory once you reach the last levelstep of the Flamebringer.
  • 2 new summons: "Flamebringers Shadow" as combat-summon (unlocked by the last Flamebringer-Levelstep) and a Horse.
  • Sparky: Beautiful but ordinary? no - on your first ride with her you will realize, that she is clearly something special. She survives the highest Jumps, is fast like the wind and has a huge endurance. She's a new summonable Horse findable at the Abandoned Shrine. Tales of her are just wispers - many men tryed to tame that Horse but no one could do it. Until now - until the Flamebringer's rise.
  • Sparky uses a reshaped and retextured Body with custom textures - in Skyrim she is really unique - far not so bulky as other Horses. When you have mastered the Flamebringer in total. She can be even conjured to any place in Tamriel, when you use the third word of your Flamebringer-Shout while your weapons aren't drawn. 
  • Longtime Testing: I use the sword now since 3 playtrhoughs and the other new featues for a complete Playthrough on a ScriptHeavy Game-Setup. I tested mostly any aspect of this mod by my self and fixed most bugs i found. Even the solving of Clipping-issues took weeks and i remade the entire armor more then just once to solve the issues. (yes i really hate clipping issues). As Result i can tell: I can't imagine a Skyrim without the Spellsword-Gameplay anymore. - but maybe that is just me.. xD

The items are located at the "Abandoned Shrine" - that is Located on the hills above Kynesgrove. Eather Console "coc Kynesgrove" and move to your right, crossing the and walk up the hill or just use the Mapmarker "Abandoned Shrine".

Flamebringer Level 0: Your Power-Attacks cast now a Fire-Magickawave called 'Vertical-" or "Horizontal Slice". This allowes your Flamebringer-Sword to deal additional midrange Magicka-Damage. Magickaslices are able to hit more than one targets at the same time.

Flamebringer Level 1: Flametower - From now on: Your standing powerattack 'Vertical Slice' is now 'Flametower' and deals far more damage than before. Flametower has no cooldown but cost 10 points of magicka to cast. If you don't have enough magicka you will cast 'Vertical Slice' instead.

Flamebringer Level 2: Flamespeer - From now on: Your forward powerattack 'Vertical Slice' is now 'Flamespeer' and deals far more damage, move faster and reach further than before. Flamespeer left a flamepath behind that can burn targets. It has a cooldown of 5 seconds and cost 15 points of magicka to cast. If you don't have enough magicka or Flamespeer is in cooldown you will cast 'Vertical Slice' instead. While the cooldown is active, your fireresistance rise.

Flamebringer Level 3: Firebird - From now on: Your sprinting forward powerattack 'Vertical Slice' is now 'Firebird' and deals far more damage, move faster and reach further as 'Flamespeer'. Firebird left a flamepath behind that can burn targets.The Firebird-slice explode on contact with a valid target and causes a knockback for the target and nearby persons. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds and cost 25 points of magicka to cast. If you dont have enough magicka or Firebird is in cooldown you will cast 'Vertical Slice' instead. While the cooldown is active, your destruction-magic grow.

Flamebringer Level 4: Flamebreak - Your sneak-bash attacks conjure the powers of Flamebringer to break the light around you. You appear nearly invisible for 60 seconds. While you're invisible the Flamebringer-abillities don't interrupt your invisibility. Cost 50 points of Magicka and has a cooldown so long you're invisible.

Flamebringer Level 5: Burning Scythe - From now on: Your right-pointing powerattack 'Horizontal Slice' is now a 'Burning Scythe' over 2 seconds you deal a massive amount of firedamage and stagger your targets.  It has a cooldown of 5 seconds and cost 30 points of magicka to cast. If you don't have enough magicka or Burning Scythe is in cooldown you will cast 'Horizontal Slice' instead. While the cooldown is active, you are immune to all poisons.

Flamebringer Level 6: Fire of Unlife - From now on: Your left-pointing powerattack 'Horizontal Slice' is now 'Fire of Unlife' it deals a low amount of firedamage but is 'Fire of Unlife' hitting a dead target, the Flames of Flamebringer flows through that dead body and rises them to a new enslaved life on your side for around 60 seconds.  'Fire of Unlife' has no cooldown but cost 50 points of magicka to cast. If you don't have enough magicka you will cast 'Horizontal Slice' instead. With enaugh magicka youre able to raise your own undead army.

Flamebringer Level 7: Holy Fire - Your blockbash attacks conjure the powers of Flamebringer to heal your own wounds. You get 100 healthpoints instantly and 50 more over the next 5 seconds. 'Holy Fire' has a cooldown of 5 seconds and cost 20 points of magicka to cast.

Flamebringer Level 8: Oblivionrune - Backleading Powerattacks conjures the ghost of your Flamebringer for 60 seconds in the center of a Oblivion-Rune. The rune explodes on contact and deals a massive amount of firedamage. While the Flamebringer-Ghost is appearing in Nirn, no additional ghost will be conjure at reuse but a new Rune. The second rune replaces the first one. 'Oblivionrune' has no cooldown but cost 100 magicka to cast. If you don't have enaugh magicka you will cast 'Vertical Slice' instad.


Flamekeeper Level 1: You receive a Shout that channeles the power of the Flamebringer. This Shout deals 40 points of firedamage. As long as you sneak, your Flamebringer-Shout will melt locks up to apperentice level. From now on your Soulgems will recharge your Weapons about 25% more.

Flamekeeper Level 2: The first word of your Flamebringer Shout will also cast a 2sec Soultrap on your targets. From now on your Power-Attacks cost 15 points less stamina and you are able to melt locks up to adept-level.

Flamekeeper Level 3: You received the 2nd word of the Flamebringer-Shout. The 2nd word deals 60 points of Firedamage. While you are sneaking - you have a chance to disarm your targets with your voice. From now on your Powerattacks deals 15% more Damage and you are able to melt locks up to expert-level.

Flamekeeper Level 4: You received the 3rd word of your Flamebringer-Shout. The third word calls the powers of the Flamebringer within a painless explosion as physical Armor to protect you. While you are protectet, your base-stats Health, Magicka and Stamina rises. Also: Your third word changes to a powerful shout that deals a heavy amount of firedamage and can call Dragons to the ground. Under the Flamebringers Protection: the Damage of all your Flamebringer-abillities will raise. From now on your incoming damage will be reduced by 10% and you are able to melt even master-level locks.


Flamecatcher Level 0: You get access to a new Left-Handspell "Warm Touch". This spell is at first a pretty regular Healing-Spell that will get multible additional functions while you are level up the Flamecather-Gloves.

Flamecatcher Level 1: Your Healingspell 'Warm Touch' is now more effective. From now on all spells cast by you are 15% more effective.

Flamecatcher Level 2: From now on: You will cast your Healing spell 'Warm Touch' only if you lost Health before. If not you will cast the midrange Damagespell 'Heatwave' - that only affects target's that are Hostile to you. Does not work as Combat-entry-Spell! Also: Incoming spells are 15% less effective on you.

Flamecatcher Level 3: Your Damagespell 'Heatwave' will heal friendly and/or non hostile targets over time, while targets that are Hostile to you still takes Damage. Also: You learned to use your armor properly as buffer to decrease your falldamage by 15%.

Flamecatcher Level 4: The non Hostile-friendly Effect of 'Heatwave' will from now on also protect your Friends and Citizens with additional Armorrating for 20 seconds. From now on you are able to place twice as many runes on the ground at the same Time.

  • SKSE
  • HDT Physics Extension (and of course the extended Skeleton but thats a pre-requirement for HDT)
  • CBBE
  • Bodyslide (Softrequirement)
  • Flamebringer-Tattoo (Not a requirement but a nice addition)
  • Dual Wield Parrying (not a requirement but needed if you want to use the blockbash-effects, while wielding a sword and the lefthand-Spell.)

How to Install?
Install all required mods: 
  • If you have my previous (now obsolete) Flamebringer- or Flamekeeper-Mod installed uninstall them first and make a Clean-Save without the mods installed before you install now this final Version of the Mod. 
  • If you have installed the previous Mods manually (and don't know how to uninstall them) just delete the ESP-Files, make a Clean-Save and overwrite the old files with the new ones of this Mod here.
  • Just use the Mod Manager of your choice.
  • Or Manyually paste over all .rar Contained files into your Skyrim Data-Folder.
Known Issues / Troubleshooting:
  1. Don't dressup npc's with the Flamebringer-Set - not even a Peace of it. I really don't know what will happen when you do so - but im entirely sure that the results are nothing good^^ - Be warned - its "Player Only".
  2. Sword can't be placed on weaponrack (will break the scriptapply somehow - I really don't know why. - it should not but it does for no reason)
  3. Sometimes while changing Armorcolor the new color will not be equipped automaticly (during Scriptlagg i think) just equip the bodyarmor from your inventory manually if happened.
  4. Sometimes when you first enter Kynesgrove the the Items where triggerd already (mostly by a Dragon... x.X) it will cause that the "Don't Havok settle" entry is already triggered and the items may lay scattered around. If Happend you could load a previous save or just search the Items. You have to find 5 of them: "The Flamebringer", "The Flamekeeper", "The Flamecatcher", "The Flameburst" and "The Flameseeker".

Q: are you a dyslexics?
A: No, i mean.. not at all my english is just.. nja - not good xD

Q: Can i...?
A: Upload to other sites? No. Upload to paysites? Of course - NO! Make a update/patch/recolor/translation? Yes but please take my file as required master-file so that all additional patches, translations, recolors and so on are listed on top.

Q: Ive found a Bug can i report it? 
A: Of Course, when you double checked if its really a bug, than report it via bugreport - not just in comments. And please let me know in wich language version the bug appears.

Q: Ive found a spelling mistake: is it a bug?
A: No its just a feature. But you can report them anyways and if i have time and.. you know im boring and i dont know what to do with my time, i'll fix it.^^

Q: Whould you upload a video reference to the mod?
A: No. But you can.. i don't have a screenrecord programm, i dont want to install one and even if i whould my pc could not handle skyrim and recording at the same time.

Q: Do you run Skyrim on a Gourd?
A: No. I run Skyrim on a Potato. Okay.. a potato with a halfway good gfx-card but still a potato.

Credits and Special Thanks to:
KrimsynKane - Scarv Basemesh
Kurese - Glove/Sleeve Basemesh 
asianboy345 - Panthy Basemesh
MAK07 - overknee-part Basemesh
killerkeo - Outfit-Top Basemesh
Alazao - Enchantment Basetexture
Danek - Beta Tester & Some Screenshots
and Caliente of course - CBBE, Bodyslide and Outfitstudio.