About this mod

Svinhilde Follower with a capability to transform twice. Her first form is a Warrior followed by a valkyrie as her final transformation.

Permissions and credits
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About this mod:
A valkyrja from Sovngarde who is chosen to be sent to Tamriel to watch over the Dragonborn in hopes one day if he/she dies, she will choose to either leave or take him/her to Sovngarde.  Her first transformation will transform at start of combat, then in her warrior form, her second transformation will trigger when her HP reaches 1.  Double transformation was done by StCooler with inspirations from TransformHeroFollowerMaskDwemerRX by m150 and Dividedbythe9.

*3 different forms of Svinhilde(Normal, Warrior and Valkyrie) with a capability to transform twice in between forms.
*Default Form and Warrior Form wields a sword and a spear.
*Valkyrie Form wields a spear and a shield.  Can also cast Custom Light Beam, AOE Heals, and Summon Gormlaith Golden-Hilt.
*Options to choose from either the Transformation package or Normal or Warrior as separate file in the file section.
*Valkyrie Svinhilde can be summonable and available in all main files.  Normal Svinhilde and Warrior Svinhilde has the spellbook in their inventory.
*Teleport Default Form Svinhilde is now available and the spellbook can be obtained from her inventory. Full Transformation Main File only.
*All characters unarmed damage/melee damage/destruction damage increases at level 15, 30, 65, 100, and 150:
Level 15: +20 unarmed/melee/destruction damage
Level 30: +20 unarmed/melee/destruction damage
Level 65: +20 unarmed/melee/destruction damage
Level 100: +20 unarmed/melee/destruction damage
Level 150: +50 unarmed/melee/destruction damage(All damage stacks)

*AFT or any follower changing mods that will affect the reference ID of an NPC, if done so she won't be able to transform. You can hire her, but you can't change anything else except equipment/inventory.

Side Note:
*If you use player.placeatme, the copy or cloned version of her default form won't be able to transform, as the script can only work on the original/referenced follower.  If anything, I'd prefer to meet them in their respective inn location below.
*Please do not use mods/dialogue to turn or infect them, as there will be conflicts.
*After uninstallation, please use Save game script cleaner by Hadoram as a parting gift.

Default Form:
Name: Svinhilde
Level Cap: 200
Race: Nord (Custom)
Trait: ht 1.02 wt 1.00
Voicetype: FemaleYoungEager (Can Marry and Adopt)
Class: Boxer and Warrior Dual Wield Spear/Sword
Outfit: Vanilla Farmers Clothes
Weapon: Fist, Bows, Dovah Nord Sword, and Iron Spear
Location: Ivarstead Vilemyr Inn

Warrior Form:
Level Cap: 200
Race: Nord (Amazon Custom Race)
Trait: ht 1.05 wt 1.00
Voicetype: FemaleCommander (Can Marry and Adopt)
Class: Warrior Dual Wield Spear/Sword
Outfit: Sexy Tsun Armor
Weapon: Bows, Dovah Nord Sword, and Iron Spear
Innate Ability: 25% Resistance to poison/disease.
Location: Ivarstead Vilemyr Inn

Valkyrie Form:
Level Cap: 200
Race: Nord (Valkyrie Custom Race)
Trait: ht 1.08 wt 1.00
Voicetype: FemaleDarkElf
Class: Tank/Spellsword Spear/Shield
Outfit: Animated Feathered Wings, Ebony Valkyrie Armor, and Ebony Crown
Weapon: Custom Ebony Spear(Enc Shock)
Innate Ability: Combat HP Regeneration 2X, 100% Resistance to paralysis/poison/disease/lightning, Waterwalking, and Custom Shock Cloak.
Spell: Custom Light Beam Left Hand(Does same as Sparks and damage is magic instead of shock), Custom Area of Effect Heal (+1000) and Summon Gormlaith Golden-Hilt.