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Serana is back and this time she comes for blood. Care to donate yours?

This is an appeal remake of Serana, making her like a sultry seductress vampire, it will also beautify Valerica and Harkon.

Permissions and credits

----10/20/15 Update----
Replaced CBBE body with HDT version (XPMSE skeleton and HDT physics extension is mandatory now).
Added white hair color option for all hairs.
Added silver, green and light blue eye colors.
Redid Elizabeth ear smaller (it shoudn't stick like airplane wings anymore).
Increased Elizabeth armor stats and reanimate spell level range.
Used TES Edit to force Serana race back to nord race (this should fix any problems with her cure script).

This mod will change Serana, Valerica and Harkon's appearance, Harkon stays mostly the same though (just changed his textures and hair). It may be incompatible with any mods that change Serana, Valerica or Harkon in any way and other mods that change vampire appearance as a whole. I can not guarantee it will work with other Serana mods (although some users reported Serana Dialogue Edit and Marriable Serana to work).

You can use the installer to choose between 10 hairstyles, 4 hair colors, 8 eye colors, 4 makeup colors, 4 body types (CBBE, UNP, UNPB, 7B Bombshell)
Also added an optional file with non glowing eyes and without fangs to simulate a cured version of Serana (only 2 hairs to choose)

The Seductress Elizabeth file is just a new NPC with the same appearance, for those that don't want to replace Serana or don't have the Dawnguard DLC. She can be found on Sky Haven Temple, she uses the vampire leather armor by RavenDier. You can choose various options for her too.

This version of the mod will put a vampire follower called Elizabeth which can be found on Sky Haven Temple. May be incompatible with other mods that change vampire appearance as a whole. She is located inside Sky Haven Temple main room near the table.

*ENB* Poupouri ENB - Morning Star v0.236 by Machiimachii

*Armors* Succubus Armor by Hentai & CBBE version by Nausicaa // Dark Lilith Armor by Nikitaa // Vampire Leather Armor by RavenDier // Vampire Dark Knight by Newmiller // Lingerie Set by NPR // Divinesight Robe from CBBE TERA Armors by Frigus // Drakul Armor by Zerofrost // Sexy Swimsuit and Bikinis for CBBE by Nikitaa // CBBE Dawnguard Vampire Armors by Echo 1162 // BnS Heijun by Optioq

*Accessories* Old Kaw's Claws by Kaw // Equipable Tongues by Morten // TND Equipable Horns by TheDNightshade // Castanic Horns by Saru // Astaroth Horns by NPR // Animated Dragon Wings by Anton

*Weapons* Dread Knight Weapon Set by Jojjo // Liliths Sickle by Wiikki

3.2 Replaced CBBE body with HDT version (XPMSE skeleton and HDT physics extension is mandatory now), added white hair color option for all hairs, added silver, green and light blue eye colors, redid Elizabeth ear smaller (it shoudn't stick like airplane wings anymore), increased Elizabeth armor stats and reanimate spell level range, used TES Edit to force Serana race back to nord race (this should fix any problems with her cure script).
3.0 Reverted back peggygift hair mesh so that it clips less with the breast.

2.9 Hotfix for the Navre hair colors.
2.8 Can improve Elizabeth armor now, added colors to vanilla hair.
2.7c Various esp edits, Elizabeth should reanimate properly now.
2.7b Added Harkon nude body (not that you would care, mainly for testing for upcoming follower), minor edits to Elizabeth armor (changed boots, added fingernails, added skirt to sevenbase version).
2.7a Updated peggygift, peggyelf and peggyvamp hair meshes.
2.6b Added Elizabeth new version.
2.6a Added several appeal options, fixed teeth position, changed Harkon head.
2.5 Redid the character with ECE.
1.4 Organized all the options neatly in the installer.
1.2 Fixed an issue on Elizabeth armor disappearing with follower inventory management mods.
1.1 Added optional tints and vanilla hair.
1.0 Release.

-XPMSE Skeleton
-HDT Physics Extensions

Simply install with Nexus Mod Manager and pick the desired options. You can install manually if you know what you're doing, the common folder contains the core files, the other folders have the files that should replace the core files.

Uninstall the previous version first, if you installed manually make sure to delete all files.

1- This mod modifies both Serana and Valerica weight to 100 but in the vanilla game their weight are set to 20 so you will encounter a small gap/clipping in the neck area because of this weight difference, if you wish to fix this please do the following: 1-Open the console and click Serana/Valerica so that their id appears. 2-Type "setnpcweight 100" without quotes and press enter. 3-Type "disable" without quotes and press enter. 4-Type "enable" without quotes and press enter.

2- You can get a discolored face or headless character if the face data on the esp doesn't match the one on the head mesh, this happens when you try to load a save that had a previous Serana appearance mod installed without proper uninstalling all the files first. This can also be caused by messing with the character appearance in some way then saving, like for example changing her race with console commands or trying to use the creation kit to change something. If you experience this please load the game without any mods that affect Serana and see if the game loads her default appearance without problems then save the game and install my mod. If you still have problems try a new game without any mods, if the problem persists try deleting the scripts folder and your INI file in the my documents folder

3- If you use the "manage with AFT" option from Amazing Follower Tweaks" she will revert to whatever default vampire eye texture you're using on the next cell load. If you want to fix this you'll have to replace the default vampire eye texture for all vampires, copy the texture you want from the eye folder of this mod and put it on Data/Textures/actors/character/eyes. Now make a copy of on the same folder and rename to

4- If you want Serana or Elizabeth to wear something else other than her default outfit you'll need to either give something that exceeds her current armor rating, that is the base item armor rating combined with her armor skill or just use a follower mod that allows you to manage follower outfits.

5- Sometimes when loading the game Elizabeth will simply not spawn, you can check if it spawned by typing in the console "help elizabeth" without quotes, memorize the first two digits of her id then type in console "prid xx003323" without quotes where xx is the first two digits of her id, finally type in console "moveto player" without quotes. If this doesn't work please exit to desktop and load the game again. As a last resort (not recommended) you can type "player.placeatme xx000D70 1" where again xx is two digits of her id, this will spawn a copy of the character directly on you.

6- Elizabeth is a bit overpowered in the regular game, it is recommended you play on master difficulty or above.

Amazing Follower Tweaks

ShowRaceMenu Alternative

Skyrim NPC Editor

Female Facial Animation

BVFE - Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes

RV Vampire eyes

Spectral Shade eyes

The Hairstyler

Serana hood with hair replacer

The files used in this mod were either free to use or were given permission by their owners. Refer to each specific mod about their permissions.
The TERA assets belong to En Masse Entertainment and their original creators.

TERA Armors Collection by asianboy345 (original assets owned and copyrighted by En Masse Entertainment)
Vampire Leather Armor by RavenDier & Sevenbase version by furiousreason
Kaw Claws by kaw
Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition by Caliente
UNP body by Dimon
UNPB body by xp32
SevenBase body by Crosscrusade, DeMoNhUnTeR1986, Sevennity
4uDIKs Male body by 4uDIK
Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team
Female Facial Animation by nao4288
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
CCC Hairs by zzjay
SG Hair Pack by Hellosanta
SG Female Eyebrows by Hellosanta
SG Female Textures Renewal by Hellosanta
Better Males Textures by Chriss57
BVFE Serana by Aipex8
Better vampire fangs and eyes by Aipex8
Rosario vampire eyes by Pemamendez
Spectral Shade eyes by Krisan
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot
Smile in HD by zzjay
Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi
Geonox- High Res Face Maps for Men
pikkatze- Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents Chris57 and FavoredSoul- Better males
yllib - No More Ugly Bronze Shine