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Simple cloaks for each of the Daedric Princes.

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Cloaks for each of the seventeen daedric princes. (And one for Sithis, because why not?)

Not enchanted (but can be), and can be crafted at the tanning rack.

If you have any issues, please let me know. I'll do what I can to fix the problem. :]

Installer Options and Requirements

    • Installer contains options for craftable, distributed, or both.
    • Cloaks can be distributed to daedra worshippers, daedric shrines & locations, or both.
    • HDT Cloaks or Standard Cloaks - HDT Cloaks require HDT Physics Extension and SKSE. Standard cloaks do not.
    • Patron Gods of Skyrim - Available for location distribution option only (or both location/NPC distribution). Adds cloaks to the shrines in the temple. Requires Patron Gods of Skyrim.

Special Edition Version

If Daedric Princes aren't your thing, you may prefer Divine Cloaks.

Thanks to Cloaks of Skyrim for the cloak mesh and Illustrious HDT Cloaks of Skyrim for the hdt stuff!