About this mod

This mod will beautify Skyrim female NPC. In addition, Many of them will be able to be a Follower, and marriage is also possible.

Permissions and credits
This mod makes changes to Skyrim female NPC

*Please forgive me for the mistakes of expression, etc. because I am not a native of English

What's changed
In addition to the replacement of the face, the body will be replaced by the CBBE mesh
You can also choose CBBE HDT meshes and UNPB meshes (with UNP textures) as an option.

Follower fanction
The NPC that the voice type supports can be a follower except some
If you want to make them follower, you need to increase your favorable impression with NPC (with some exceptions)

For The NPC that does not exist to raise the favor
I set up that to do a quest related to the NPC, and to do the request of the person related to the NPC, will increase a favor.

I set up the changes to the level cap, ability, class, Spell, Perk, CombatAI, and more.
Also Some of them will use a unique magic.

In addition to the above, you will be able to marry most of the corresponding NPC of the voice type


What's updated
V 2.0
Add 13 new to 39, and change the total of 52 female NPC.

NPCs added in v 2.0

 Laila Law-Giver
 Constance Michel
 Valga Vinicia
 Sybille Stentor
 Vittoria Vici
 Suvaris Atheron
 Elda Early-Dawn
 Tova Shattershield
 Viola Giordano
 Julienne Lylvieve 

Other changes
 I reworked the face of Brina Merrilis.
 Several conditions have been changed to hire an NPC as a follower
 Ability, park, magic and more to fix and add
 The default body is CBBEHDT.
Fixed bugs that quests can not be ordered from specific NPCs(Runil, Roggi, Oengal, Noster OneEye, Frida)
Quest orders will be available in the new game

Small Changes
Changing the body shape and ability of several NPCs

List of NPC

(F:Can be Follower     M:Marriable)

 Danica Purespring     00013BA5   (F M)
 Hulda     00013BA3   (M)
 Saadia     00013BA2   (F M)
 Carlotta Valentia     00013B99   (M)
 Irileth     00013BB8

 Maven Blackbriar     0001336A
 Ingun Blackbriar     00013364   (F M)
 Grelka     000136C5   (F M)
 Svana Farshield     0001337C   (F M)
 Alessandra     00013347   (F M)
 Haelga     0001335F
 Laila Law-Giver00013366
 Constance Michel00013350 (F M)

 Hamal     0001E765   (F M)
 Senna     000133B7   (F M)
 Anwen     00013386   (F M)
 Orla     000133B0   (F M)
 Hroki     0001339E   (F M)

 Narri     00013654   (F M)
 Zaria     0003A19A
 Valga Vinicia00013655

 Legate Rikke(Normal)     000132A1
 Legate Rikke(Battle)     000D0573
 Pantea Ateia     0001329F   (F M)
 Illdi     00013289   (F M)
 Aia Aria     0001325C   (F M)
 Lisette     00013297   (F M)
 Vivienne Onis     000132AE   (F M)
 Erdi00013271 (F M) 
 Sybille Stentor000132AA (F) 
 Vittoria Vici0001327A (F M)

 Nirusin Shattershield     001412C   (F M)
 Hermir Strongheart     0001412D   (F M)
 Suvaris Atheron00014122 (F M) 
 Elda Early-Dawn0001412A  (M)
 Tova Shattershield00014125 (F M)
 Viola Giordano00014129 (M)

 Idgrod The Younger     000135EC   (F M)
 Idgrod Raven Crone     000135EB

 Lynly Starsung     000136BC   (F M)
 Temba Widearm     000658D2   (F M)

 Karita     0001361A   (F M)
 Brina Melilith     0001A6B7

 Colette Marenth     0001C19A   (M)

 Camila Valeriuth     0001347B   (F M)

 Julienne Lylvieve 0026F0F (F M)
 Faida 0019A28

 Syglja     000C3A3F   (F M)

Angi`s shack
 Angi     000CAB2f   (F M)

 Sorine Jurald     0000336B   (F M)
 Fura Bloodmouth     00003363   (F)
 Hestla     00003365   (F)

52 MPC`s(V2.0)

Pantea, Ildi and Aia  use a shout to raise the ability of their surrounding allies.
If you don't want them to use the shout, pick up the instruments from their inventory.

About the Installation

Require SKYRIM + DawnguardDLC
In addition, for the convenience of using the "XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS" , "Realistic Ragdolls and Force" will be required

Basically, it is recommended to introduce new games, but it also works on the way .
However, in the middle of a saved game, you may not be able to use the NPC as your follower.

If you find any bugs or other problems, let me know.