About this mod

Transformable Succubus. Alessa transforms into a daedra when her health reaches below 50%.

Permissions and credits
Please view Requirements and Credits/Permission above for further information about the mod and images.

About this mod:

Transformable Succubus with custom vanilla spells and custom outfit. Alessa transforms into a daedra when her health reached below 50%. Added an additional spell by Ashes2Asherz as voice power which increases their chance to transform. Spider and Werewolf script was done by StCooler for Dividedbythe9s Liant Follower mod.

Side Note:
*If you have Are You There? Mod, please select Alessa her default form and if you summon her succubus form she may follow you forever.  Just simply reload save.
*If you use player.placeatme, the copy or cloned version of Alessa won't be able to transform, as the script can only work on the original follower. If anything, I'd prefer to meet her in her respective inn location below.
*Please do not use mods/dialogue to turn or infect them, as there will be conflicts.
*If you use mod Racemenu preset and you want the exact look, please view Credit/Permission link above I've provided.
*After uninstallation, please use Save game script cleaner by Hadoram as a parting gift.

About Alessa:
Race: Imperial
Trait: ht 1.00 wt 0.30
Voicetype: FemaleYoungEager (Can Marry and Adopt)
Class: 1H Weapon Heavy Armored
Spell: Custom Drain Life Lvl 1 (Drains Health, Stamina, and Magicka and heals herself)
Location: Riften The Bee and Barb Inn

Succubus Form:
Trait: ht 1.00 wt 0.77
Voicetype: FemaleSultry
Class/Race: Succubus Race (Strong Combat Health Regeneration)
Innate Ability: 100% immunity to poison and disease
Custom Frost Cloak (When target is in melee range, target drained Health and Stamina)
Spell: Custom Drain Life Lvl 3 (Drains Health, Stamina, and Magicka and heals herself)
  Custom Mayhem (Creatures and people will be in Frenzy/Fury state attacking anyone for 7 secs)