Tsaesci Race - Snake-like race from Akavir by SpikeDragonLord and jboyd4
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Tsaesci is "Snake Palace", once the strongest power in Akavir (before the Tiger-Dragon came). They are tall, beautiful (if frightening) and covered in golden scales. They enslave the goblins of the surrounding isles, who provide labor and fresh blood. The holdings of Tsaesci are widespread. When natives of Tamriel think of the Akaviri they think of the Serpent-Folk, because one ruled the Cyrodilic Empire for four-hundred years in the previous era. He was Potentate Versidue-Shaie, assassinated by the Morag Tong.
- Mysterious Akavir

This mod adds the serpent folk Tsaesci race to Skyrim. There are two variations of this race, one with more snake-like heads and the other with more humanoid heads. The mod includes four followers, two located in Rorikstead at Frostfruit Inn and the other two located at the Winking Skeever in Solitude. It also includes a small Tsaesci pirate camp in the coasts west of Dawnstar with an Akaviri ship. The latest update also offers better tails that use HDT physics. Despite not being stiff like the old tail, there are still limits to what it can do. As time goes on, hopefully we'll improve upon it.

When installing this mod make sure to put it near the end of your load order. Also feel free to use this mod as a resource or make improvements upon it so long as me and the others listed receive credit.

Racial Abilities

The Tsaesci posses a number of abilities befitting their fearsome status, such as immunity to poisons, the ability to conjure snakes when at a higher level, underwater breathing, tough scales, and they can do extra damage to dragons.

One-handed: 10
Smithing: 5
Sneak: 5
Heavy Armor: 5
Destruction: 5
Two-Handed: 5

Recommended Mods
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Argonian Fins by Chilean Wolf
Note: The ear fins in the image are not used in this mod, they're from another mod that I forgot to disable when I took the pic. The mod is still awesome though. Said mod can be found in this link:

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Note: A neat hairstyle for Argonians and Tsaescis too.

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Note: A really awesome akavir colony mod that hosts some of my Tsaescis as npcs.

Known Issues
A dead Tsaesci's tail will become deformed after death due to the fixed nature of the tail and the body going ragdoll upon death. Only way to undo it is to exit Skyrim and reload the game.

Steam File Link

Future Updates
Possibly a quest.

lazyradly - Great guidance and help with the heads.
Elbethien - For the ship resource.