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Adds a half human argonian follower to your playthrough with no tail version and FULL human version. In both CBBE and UUNP. She can be found in Glenmoril Coven.

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After the Dragonborn killed the last dragon and helped fight everyone else's battles, Tamriel kind of boring. It didn't take long for different races to get "acquainted" with each other and thus Nessa was born. Being that there are already talking cats and lizards, it didn't take long for the folks of Tamriel to accept this new breed. You can find her in Glenmoril Coven (See Map). She boasts high health, magicka speed and stamina and her combat skills have been set to mainly focus on melee and ranged, however, she will use other skills as well and has an included sparks spell. Height and weight will, for the most part, be the same as my other followers. Height 1.0 and weight 100. She is essential and marriageable
and comes naked and ready for you to add armor and weapons of choice. 
 If you use follower mods such as UFO and AFT remember to move Nessa above them so the game can read the followers first.
Note: NO ENB's or fancy stuff was used when taking screenshots so what you see is what you get.
Shout out to all of you that support my stuff and keep me busy!

Special THANKS to these mod authors who's mods were used in the creation of Nessa.
SGHair 350
Linds Eyes
Fair Skin Complexion (Both CBBE and UUNP)
 for the Argonian Textures
Goma Pero Land

ALL Armor in screens is found all over here.