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Adds young adventurer and spellsword Siv Stormhammer

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 Once again,  another basic follower,  this time my first character build,  Siv Stormhammer :) she's a skilled one handed swordsman and also specializes in destruction magic,  mainly ice and shock..

She can be found at the Sleeping Giant :) also,  i would love to see pics of her from you guys! :D 

Update: for variety I added an Alt version in the files page.  


HDT physics
UNP or Sevenbase body


Luxurious Seduction 

LadyHorus's Tera conversions for UUNP 

(For the Armor in pics, her default is steel Armor)

Weapons of the Third Era 


Name - Siv Stormhammer
Gender - Female
Age -21
Height - 6' 0
Weight - 148 lbs
Occupation - Adventurer / Sword for hire

Siv was born into a warrior family, but never truly felt it was her calling. her mother Decima, an Imperial battlemage, recognized she was much more attuned to learning magic than either Kasia or Freya so she spent considerable time trying to help Siv harness that ability, although Siv, being a mischievous girl, often ended up using those lessons for pranks (tiny lightning runes in chairs, among others).

Thanks to all the excellent mod Authors of Skyrim Nexus, the incredible talent in the Image Gallery and especially,  my friends at the Art Fletcher Discord server who helped assist me with troubleshooting :) love you guys!


Real Women of Skyrim textures by Gearhog

KS hairdos Renewal by Kalilies

Kai's Makeup and Warpaints by XarathosHawke

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