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A fully-voiced, standalone follower created in the likeness of Lightning from the FFXIII Trilogy. With 4 different builds to choose and comes with her gears from FFXIII: Lightning Returns.

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*Disclaimer: I did not create the hair/armor/weapon mods, simply compiled them together into a functional NPC (see credits for the authors and please support them)

*Also available for SE

As my love for the Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy is very strong, I decided to put Lightning into the game. Although many have tried before (years ago to be precise), I have created the very first fully-voiced Lightning follower who embodies who she really is.

What started as a personal mod is now for all to enjoy! The only voiced and facially-accurate (I guess) Lightning follower you can find.

  • A completely new NPC, Lightning from Lightning Returns FFXIII as a custom follower
  • Comes with her Equilibrium garb, Crimson Blitz and Night Lotus gears (see credits for the authors)
  • Fully-voiced lines from the FFXIII games, customized to fit the follower dialogue system
  • Choose between different paradigms or builds to suit your playstyle or roleplaying
  • No level cap and can level with the player

  • She can be found patrolling the heights of Castle Dour in Solitude...

  • Her armor is not meant to be worn by the player so it will not adjust based on your body weight. Apparently, the original armor mod is only for LE. You might need permission from the author if you want to convert it to SE (link in credits)
  • Weapons and Shield however can be worn, simply use the "additem" console command if you'd want that

  • The armor is not meant for the player so it will not adjust based on your character's weight. Please download the one from the credits for that purpose.
  • Amazing Follower Tweaks causes some dialogue options to duplicate. This is a bug on AFT not my mod.
  • No other known issues as of v1.2
  • You may post or message me if you find issues and I'll try to fix them

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A showcase by frostmare11. Thank you!
*this was done when Lightning was still a Dark Brotherhood Initiate Replacer
Enjoy Lightning grooving with Serah :)

Thanks to all who tried my mod!