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Adds Triss Merigold's outfit from The Witcher 2 to Skyrim. Offers CBBE (with or without HDT Physics) or Vanilla meshes. Craft 8 color variations and 2 style variations in game as armor or clothing. Optionally replace vanilla Thieves, Dark Brotherhood, Nightingale and Arch Mage Robes with styles and colors of your choosing.

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Mar. 3, 2019:
This mod has been converted to SSE:


  • Adds Triss Merigold's outfit from The Witcher 2 to Skyrim.
  • Offers CBBE (with or without HDT Physics) or Vanilla meshes.
  • Craft 8 color variations and 2 style variations in game as armor or clothing - See FAQ below to learn how to craft.
  • Optionally replace vanilla Thieves, Dark Brotherhood, Nightingale and Arch Mage Robes with styles and colors of your choosing.
  • See the images section for the texture variations.


  • Fix invisible wrists/forearms with replacers

  • Major Update for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio 4.x
  • All meshes and Sliders re-done
  • Fixed Weighting issue with Collar (stuck to head instead of chest)
  • Updated normal map to work properly with Skyrim Nif settings.  This mod has been using a hack for years.
  • Prepare for SSE Conversion

  • Bug Fix Release
  • Fixed errors when installing with Mod Organizer and selecting any replacer options
  • Fixed visible gap at left wrist when wearing only gloves without outfit
  • Fixed clipping at wrists when wearing outfit without gloves
  • Removed unused Breast01 bones in HDT meshes
  • Small weighting improvements for both CBBE and CBBE HDT meshes

  • Bug Fix Release
  • Re-added Language Options
  • Optimized Textures
  • Fixed UV mapping bug present in original mesh from the beginning
  • Fixed CBBE Replacer Boots source files not copied to Bodyslide ShapeData directory
  • Fixed and optimized Vanilla meshes (pouch weighting bug, clipping at rear when sneaking with shirtless version, some boots clipping.

  • Major Update by ChronoTrigger77
  • Added proper CBBE Body with full Bodyslide 2 support
  • Added HDT Physics as default choice, with option to select non-HDT CBBE or classic vanilla
  • You can now replace Theives, Master, Nightingale, Dark Brotherhood, and Arch Mage independently, with colors and styles or your choosing
  • All .esp files have been cleaned and updated for latest Skyriim build
  • Sharlikrans Compatibility Patch is no longer needed.

    Fixes only!
    Really. We've fixed the somewhat-buggy replacer, 2 very minor typos, and we hopefully got rid of the "black texture issue" that some of you folks had (thx jacquesJP!). If you already have 2.1b installed and none of those issues apply to you, you needn't update. If they do: Here you go!


Updating to a new version
Completely uninstall any previous version, then install the latest version.

As of version 3.0.2, this mod installs fine with Mod Organizer or NMM.

For HDT (Breast and Butt Physics):

Note: HDT Physics in Skyrim works best with V-Sync enabled.  Without it, some people will experience wacky physics effects (shaking etc).  It is beyond the scope of this mod to explain how to set this, so do some searching to make sure you understand it.

1. Install SKSE. You MUST launch Skyrim with SKSE support.
2. Install Groovtama's XPMS Extended
3. Install CBBE
4. install BodySlide and Outfit Studio
5. Install this mod, Run the Triss Armor Retextured Installer, and be sure to select the CBBE HDT Body option
6. - optional - run Bodyslide.exe, select the "CT77 Triss" group, your favorite preset, and Batch build all meshes. It's a good idea to be sure you've used the settings for your CBBE body mesh.

For Classic CBBE (NO HDT):
1. Install CBBE.  That's it.
2. Run the Triss Armor Retextured Installer, and be sure to select the CBBE option WITHOUT HDT.

For Vanilla meshes
- No requirements, just the "Vanilla" body type -

For version 2.1.1: Sharlikran was nice enough to make a compatibility patch you can get here. THIS PATCH IS NOT LONGER NEEDED AS OF VERSION 3.0!

Manual install is NOT supported for version 3+

If, for some reason, you want to do a manual install of version 2.1.1, just extract the .7z to whereever you like. After that, copy the data folder from the mod archive into your Skyrim installation. Confirm any Windows pop-ups with "Yes". Now, open the body folder from the extracted archive and decide what body meshes you want to use. If you want to use the vanilla meshes, copy all files from bodyvanilla into the said folder. In case you want to use the CBBE meshes instead, copy the files from bodycbbe and either bodycbbe-standard or bodycbbe-slim into datameshesarmorpsyoldtriss. Now choose one of the .esp files from the esp folder and copy it over to Skyrim's data folder. If you use a localized version, rename it to "TrissArmorRetextured.esp" for better inter-version compatibility. Finally, bring up the Skyrim Launcher, hit "Data Files" and check the .esp file you just copied. That's it!

Getting the Outfits in Game

In order to craft your set of Triss' Outfit, you'll need the "Tailor's Yearly - 3E 177 Edition" that can be found in the "Radiant Raiment" in Solitude or the "Riverwood Trader" in Riverwood. Look for a little strong box called "Giveaways".
Those boxes also contain an "Extraordinary Ball of Wool", which is an ingredient you need for all body parts.
The ball of wool can also be crafted on tanning racks, when a "Tailor's Yearly" is in your inventory.
You may then craft your outfit at any forge in Skyrim, provided you have your book with you and own - of course - the required items.

Here be solutions!

Question: Will you continue to update this mod? I want to use it UNP/SevenBase etc.

CT77: My goal was to bring full CBBE functionality to this mod.  I'm not planning on adding meshes for other body types, but with Outfit Studio conversions are much easier than in the past.  If you are interested in making quality SevenBase or UNP/B etc. conversions and would like me to add them to this mod, I'll definitely consider it.  Note also that since this mod shows only a small portion of the body mesh, so as long as you wear the whole set it works fine with other bodytypes installed (it'll just change your proportions a little). Here's a longer explanation if you care for an explanation on why: clicky-clicky

Question: I can't craft the armor, what's wrong?

Do you have the book? Did you read it? If no, read the book. If yes, you should know that you need it in your inventory to be able to craft the armor. We did it that way, so the mod doesn't spam your crafting menu. There are 64 different items to craft after all.

Remember: The book ("Tailor's Yearly - 3E 177 Edition") can be found in the "Giveaways" boxes in the two shops "Radiant Raiment" in Solitude and "Riverwood Trader" in Riverwood. You cannot craft the armor without it.

If the book is in your inventory and you still can't craft the armor at a forge under the "Leather" tab, make sure that the mod is properly installed and activated.

In order to make sure that the mod is recognized by the game, bring up the console (press the tilde key [~]) and type: help "Tailor's Yearly" 4
Press [Enter] and study the text that pops up. It should list a "Tailor's Yearly - 3E 177 Edition". If it doesn't, the mod isn't activated at all. Make sure that the .esp file you need is in the data folder of your Skyrim installation and that it is activated under "Data Files" in the Skyrim Launcher.

As of version 3, you can also summon a chest containing all Triss Outfits: bring up the console (tilde key [~]) and type help "Triss Armor Retextured" 4 and press enter.  This will bring up the item ID for a chest: XX002662, where XX is replaced by the actual mod number in your load order.  Next, type; player.placeatme XX002662 and press enter.  The chest that appears contains all the outfits for testing.

Question: Where do I get more "Extraordinary Balls of Wool"?

The "Giveaways" boxes of the "Radiant Raiment" and the "Riverwood Trader" both contain a sample of the wool.
If you need more than those, you will have to craft them. Make sure that your "Tailor's Yearly - 3E 177 Edition" is in your inventory and head to a tanning rack. The appropriate recipe should show up in the crafting menu then.

Question: The crafting recipes spam my crafting menu!

The recipes only show up as long as your "Tailor's Yearly - 3E 177 Edition" is in your inventory.
Put it away (on a book shelf or in a chest in your possession, for example) and you will no longer see the recipes associated with the mod.
That way we make sure that you got all the crafting options you need - but only as long as you really need them.
If you somehow manage to lose both versions of the book (the one in Riverwood and the one in Solitude), you can always cheat one into your inventory by bringing up the console and typing help "Tailor's Yearly" 4 . You will see a numeric ID like XX001009, whereby XX depends on your installation. Now, type in the console: player.additem XX001009 1 (replace the XX with the actual numbers you see ingame), close the console and you got a brand new old version of the Tailor's Yearly.

Question: The item names confuse me. What's what?

Fear not, here's a list on what is what:

Black -> Thief's...
Dark Brown -> Vagrant's...
Deep Black -> Night Strider's..
Dark Green -> Forest Stalker's..
Red Brown -> Mercenary's..
Dark Brotherhood -> Ancient Assassin's...
Green Brown -> Ranger's..
Original -> Sorceress'..

For the cloth edition look out for the Jerkin, Gloves and Boots pieces, for the light armor you'll want the Studded Jerkin, Studded Gloves and Studded Boots.

Users of the localized versions of the mod might want to have a look at the "Translation Chart.ods" that is included in the mod archive. There you will find the corresponding names of all places and items used in this description/readme. If you don't know how to open the file, download and install LibreOffice.

Question: I want to make my own textures without replacing the originals. How?

NOT Possible in version 3+.

In version 2.1b we added a "Tailor's Artistic" set to the game that cannot be crafted but otherwise used and tempered just like the others.
Edit one of the textures from the datatexturespsyoldtriss folder (.dds plugin required. Photoshop users click here, GIMP users here) and save it as "" in the same folder. Now bring up the console ingame and type help "Tailor's Artistic" 4 to get the item IDs of the items you might want.
You may then add those items one by one by typing player.additem [Item ID] [Amount], e.g. player.additem 020010C9 1.

Question: Parts of the armor are invisible. How can I fix this?

This problem most likely occurs when you've installed the mod manually. Please make sure that you have followed each step as they are mentioned in the installation guide and check that all required .nif files are in place. If you use the CBBE meshes you might have forgotten the boots in the bodycbbe folder.

Question: I am using the NMM and I want to change the language or body type, how do I do that? / I have replaced an armor with the NMM installer, how do I undo a replacement or replace another armor?

By uninstalling a mod via NMM it will automatically undo any changes made to the data structure, but it won't touch the savegames.
Knowing that, you may start NMM and (under the "Plugins" tab) note down the "Index" or "Load order" of this mod. Now, switch to the "Mods" tab, select the mod and click on "Deactivates the selected mod". Click "Activates the selected mod" and make your new selections. Switch back to the "Plugins" tab and restore the former Index/Load order by selecting the mod and clicking on the arrows. Your changes will now take effect without any impact on your savegames.

Question: I don't want a standalone, can I use this armor as a replacer for, let's say the Thieves Guild Armor so that every member wears it?

Yes. The NMM installer comes with an option to replace some of the most desired and fitting sets automatically. If the set you want to replace can't be found in the selection or you simply don't want to use the NMM, it gets a little more complicated.
First of all, you will need to find out what .nifs your armor of choice uses. SkyEdit will prove helpful in that regard.
Once you know that, you need to create the folder structure in your datameshes folder and place the correct .nif files in the correct places, so Skyrim will use those instead of the ones provided in the meshes.bsa.
You still don't know what to do? Let's do it exemplary for the Thieves Guild Armor:

1. By carefully studying the Skyrim.esm you will find out that the female version of the armor uses the following .nif files in datameshesarmorThievesGuildF :
torso_0.nif, torso_1.nif, 1stpersontorso_0.nif, 1stpersontorso_1.nif, boots_0.nif, boots_1.nif, hat_0.nif, hat_1.nif, bracers_0.nif and bracers_1.nif.
Furthermore, it uses three .nifs from datameshesarmorThievesGuildM : torsoGND.nif, bootsGND.nif and bracersGND.nif.
(Skyrim is case-insensitive, you needn't worry about upper and lower case)

2. You will now need to offer Skyrim alternative models that it can use, so create the folders datameshesarmorThievesGuildF and datameshesarmorThievesGuildM if they don't already exist.

3. Copy the armor_gnd.nif, boots_gnd.nif and gloves_gnd.nif from the mod archive (in datameshesarmorpsyoldtriss) into the datameshesarmorThievesGuildM folder of your Skyrim installation and rename them into torsoGND.nif, bootsGND.nif and bracersGND.nif. The remaining two files (gauntlets_f_0.nif and gauntlets_f_1.nif) go to datameshesarmorThievesGuildF. Rename gauntlets_f_0.nif to bracers_0.nif, gauntlets_f_1.nif to bracers_1.nif, duplicate those (copy & paste them in the same folder) and rename the copies to 1stPersonBracers_0.nif and 1stPersonBracers_1.nif. Depending on the body meshes you want to use, navigate into the body folder from the mod archive and copy the 4 files you need (boots_f_0.nif and boots_f_1.nif as well as torso_f_0.nif & torso_f_1.nif or torso_shirtless_f_0.nif & torso_shirtless_f_1.nif) from there into datameshesarmorThievesGuildF. If you want to use the vanilla meshes, you'll find them in the vanilla folder, otherwise use those from the cbbe folder and the ones from either cbbe-standard or cbbe-slim. Rename boots_f_0.nif to boots_0.nif, boots_f_1.nif to boots_1.nif and the remaining two .nif files to torso_0.nif and torso_1.nif. Duplicate the last ones and rename the copies to 1stpersontorso_0.nif and 1stpersontorso_1.nif.
We currently don't provide any hats for Triss' Armor, so we can leave those out.

4. The last step! Decide what color variant you want to use for your replacement. Duplicate one of the textures from datatexturesarmorpsyoldtriss in your Skyrim installation (just don't touch the and rename it to

5. You're done! Try it out ingame. If something went wrong, double-check the file paths in SkyEdit, TESsnip or whatever tool you used and confirm that every .nif has been replaced.
It still doesn't work? Ask us in the comments!

Question: Is it possible to use several recolors at the same time?

Yes - each replacer allows you select color and style (full vs. shirtless) independently.

Known Issues
  • The left and right pouch are clipping through the legs - Fixed in 3.0.1
  • In some positions you might be able to see through the outfit when wearing any of the shirtless jerkin variants. We tried (and still try) to reduce these occasions, but we can't really nullify them.
  • Very few people report an issue in which the textures of the outfit won't show. Instead, they only see a flat black silhouette. We still don't understand where it comes from. You may help us fix this problem by posting your system specs (CPU, GPU, RAM), graphics driver version & Skyrim version & settings in the comments section or by sending us a PM with those information.
  • Installation with Mod Organizer fails (despite a message that installation was successful).  It appears MO cannot properly execute the fomod installer.  Issue is present on version 2.1.1 and up.

As of 02/02/2012, Triss Armor Retextured should not interfere or conflict with any other mod.
It might, however, conflict with any mod that changes contents of the interior cells "SolitudeRadiantRaiment" and/or "RiverwoodRiverwoodTrader".
This mod adds one object into each of those cells. As long as the basic layout of them doesn't change, there are no problems to be expected at all.

  • Ijahman for the French translation of this mod.
  • Caliente for doing an awesome job on the bodymesh.
  • Fraper for the port to Skyrim and his permission to reuse his work.
  • The Witcher 2 devteam for the original mesh and texture, they're totally awesome!
  • Bethesda for, well, Skyrim and the whole TES series.

Additional kudos to: Dave Humphrey (SkyEdit), Timeslip (FOMM, TESsnip), Szkaradek123 (Witcher 2 -> Blender import script), the NifTools dev team, the Nexus staff, Autodesk (3DS Max), Adobe (Photoshop), Unknown/Anonymous (Fonts, brushes, this & that)


The original Triss armor concept, mesh and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used here with permission.
The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.
We, the creators of this mod, are in no way associated with CD Projekt or CD Projekt RED.

You may not publicly distribute this mod anywhere else without our permission.
You may not publicly distribute derivates of this mod without our permission.
You may alter and/or extract portions of this mod for your personal usage to your liking.
You must always give credits to CD Projekt RED, us and everyone in the credits list above.
Do not take credit for things that you haven't done.
Do not send this mod to anyone else without the included readme file.

Anybody still here? Yes? Great! We hope you guys enjoy this mod as much as we did creating it. Have fun!

Psyke23, Oldholo, & ChronoTrigger77.

P.S.: Go buy The Witcher 2, if you haven't already. Support them - they deserve it!