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a non-exaggerated hdt setting. pseudo-realistic jiggles, not super bouncy

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This is a HDT setting that I have worked on for quite a long time. All the other hdt files out there that I have tried were always way too bouncy or harsh in my opinion, so I set out to try and make an hdt setting to my liking. It's not overly bouncy or silly, I went for a real-ish kinda bounce. This is the result I came up with and thought that maybe someone would like what I've done. 

I use a cbbe body, should work for other hdt enabled bodies
also hand collision enabled

per request, for anyone interested, the face preset from my character is available for download also

I'm happy with how this setting is now, so most likely I wont be doing any more updates. But, there's always a chance that I might adjust something.

Update v1.1
slightly more bouncy, made it a bit more fluid and not as rough. things seem to jiggle a bit better

update Even Less Bouncy v1.0
initial upload for even less bounce

update v1.2 and  even less bouncy v1.1
revamped settings for better bounce and fixed time it takes for boobs to go back to a resting state after moving
and did timing fix for Even Less Bouncy version

update v1.3
more butt movement, not so stiff and rigid anymore. very small tweak to boob bounce timing, most might not notice it

update even less bouncy v1.2
good jiggles, even less bouncy than before

Big update - Main file and EvenLess v2.0
totally revamped settings. 
adjusted to smaller bounciness for main file
adjusted even lower for EvenLess version per popular demand
if I did it right, fully set up for collisions(works for me at least, hopefully you too)

Update v2.1
small adjustments to timing of movements and bouncyness

Big thanks to Porterhause for the nice video mod review