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Created by request. (High Poly Head)

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Created by request: Luci

This Follower is based on a character from: PhoenixOrtega

Luci is a Nord from the town of Falkreath. She was a very beautiful girl, full of energy and was full of life. When Luci was old enough and was able to go out on her own, she would love to venture out to find lost caves and dark caverns. These cold dark scary places always intrigue her, and she didn’t care what trouble or danger would be lurking. She was already starting to be a very strong Nord woman. During this time, Luci’s family had been worried, because it was several weeks that had gone by that she had not returned home. Her parents had reported her missing to the Jarl of Falkreath.  Siddgeir the Jarl of Falkreath listened to their plea and request for help, and he agreed and ordered his men to go out searching for the young maiden Luci. He also put out a bounty for the whole land of Skyrim to be paid to any who finds and brings back poor Luci home to her family. While Luci was adventuring, she had come across a cave in the way north region of Skyrim. This cave was known to many adventurers and explorers as Darkfall Cave. Many of these people said that these caves and caverns went on for miles and were very cold and dark, and scary due to the many noises they heard. Luci was so intrigued by this cave that she went on in and was exploring. Luci was equipped with food and potions of different sorts, along with sleeping gear to help her with the cold harsh climate. Luci ventured further and further to a point she became lost. She set up camp and slept for the night. Luci had been awoken, because of a cold touch that she felt while sleeping and also heard a voice. Luci saw that all her items were gone, but only a very dimmed lantern was left. She said hello to the person or creature that had awoken from her sleep. A very creepy, dark voice answered to her, asking her what her name was, and why she was there. She said her name was Luci, and she was out adventuring and got lost. She asked what had happen to her items. This voice said to her, that she would no longer need these useless things, that it could help her survive with out them if she wanted its help. Without no hesitation, Luci said yes, that she would love his help. She requested to see the thing that was willing to help her. An old disfigured looking person looking like a creature in the image of a bat with wings come out of a cave, and when she saw it scared her. He called himself Dracul, a creature of the night, that was once man, but was bitten by a bat while adventuring these same caves. He said that he had the power to have her live forever, and stay young and beautiful, but she would have to feed on the living which at first, she declined. He said that it soon it would be time for him to die, and this power would be lost forever, if she did not accept his offer. Luci loved life so much, and there were so many things for her to do still, so she accepted his offer. Little did she know her life would change. Suddenly things got dark, and then she felt an awful pain to her neck, which passed her out. When she awoke the creature was gone, and with that Luci already felt her body changing inside. She had the ability to sense body heat, and was able to see in the dark and at night. With this power, it also had given her the craving for blood. This is something the creature did not tell her. She now has visions of a Dark Castle that welcomes people like her, and she would need to venture out again to find them. To this date no one has seen or heard from poor Luci, and now she has been considered dead. Little do they and Luci know that she is dead, but known to other people like her and people that seek to kill people like her that she has now become a Vampire. A creature of the night, and a thirst for human blood that will never stop.


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High Poly Head Lust The Succubus preset

Note: English is not my native language.
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