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FIVE great followers together in 1 mod, designed to be a complete group....and completely sexy

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Rolencia now available as a standalone File!!

We Only Have ONE More Day To Make This a Hot File!!
Thank You For All The Support!! Endorse, Endorse, Endorse!! :)


And Thanks to SleepyTigerEyes for these gems!!


The Five Ro's is a complete follower group that takes the 3 girls from "The Rolaryn Paradox" (Rolaryn, Rolanna,& Rolenity) and teams them with hot file follower Rolonce' the Shyeri and then adds a BRAND NEW follower (Rolencia) to make a full AFT friendly group. The concept of The Five Ro's classes is based on MMORPG groups. You have a tank, melee DPS, ranged DPS, a mage, and a healer (You know, the guy you can never find?). This way, YOU can be whatever class you want and can be sure all the other positions are good to go. The Five Ro's were developed with input and help from some of the best modders on The Nexus including (but NOT limited to):

               SleepyTigerEyes  -  ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir  -  Mfiele1974
                              Ashes2Asherz   -  Natchdaemmerung

                              So, with The Five Ro's this is what you get:


Thanks to ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir for Helping to make Rolaryn into the best version there is!

Thanks to SleepyTigerEyes for all his help and constant encouragement

Thanks to Ashes2Asherz for SO much help when I was developing Rolonce'

Thanks to Mfiele1974 for making all my girls into 1 mod...she rocks

Thanks to Natchdaemmerung for helping me unleash Ruthless Ro (now Rolanna)

Thanks to Skyla Skyrim for visual help in her tutorial -

At least one of these girls was made with the Make a follower kit, by Ashes2Asherz. get it here- -

Shadowfake for permission is using the nina/aurora preset, since the nina preset is a foundational elemnt of Rolaryns construction

SeveNBase a custom FemaleBodyReplacer by Crosscrusade DeMoNhUnTeR1986

Sevennity -

Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K by Regenbot03 -

Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr Dave -

Celes Nightingale Armor UUNP - CBBE by Deserter X -

ousnius and gamefever - for UUNP Bodyslide data (nsk13 armor)BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente -

NifSkope -

NPC Nif Merge by Turulo -

TES5Edit by ElminsterAU -

Merge Plugins xEdit Script by matortheeternal -

Skyrim by Bethesda

Creation Kit by Bethesda

The Ningheim Race: