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Adds an NPC Replacer and Companion to the game in Default (Your sources). CBBE and UUNP with custom armor.

Permissions and credits
My vision, although may not suit others of Delphine, is a young vibrant woman ready to take on the fiercest dragon, with a snot nose attitude who deserves most of the pain she shells out. You love to hate her yet will allow her to follow you anywhere. She is definitely the girl next door that can wield a sword or bow with precision and skill. She comes with custom armor that is removable if desired and was included because I felt it fit the character I wanted to create. The companion end of her is located in the same place as her evil twin and much less of a pain in the butt. Both ladies come in default (uses your textures and meshes). And my custom UUNP and CBBE textures and meshes. They are both FULL HDT with the emphasis that the UUNP version is my own tweaked bodyslide mesh. Thanks for supporting my work and remember to report any issues in case I goofed. 
Oh, and by the way you could always have this instead: 

Height: 1.0
Weight: 100
Voice: Female Even Toned
Tweaked Health, Magicka, and Stamina and tweaked to be a tank.

Credits: (Those that have given time and sweat to contribute to the community). 

Fair Skin Complexion Optimized
KSHairdo's Renewal
Eyes Of Beauty

Master of ScreenArchery OnelazyBattlemaga 
Find his awesome image share here: Image Share
Aether Suite
Goma Pero Poses
TrueVision ENB
ENB Series

Armor: Female Blades Light Armor by esmm40

Merta Assassin Armor UNP - CBBE by nsk13

Special thanks to:
Nexus Mods And Community