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Adds some armors from Naruto to your game

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This is still a work in progress

I still need to polish some things in those armors, but if I wait until everything gets perfect to release you'll never get the chance to play, at least not soon.

-Please, report any bug that you encounter in "bugs" section only! That way it's easier to organize everything!
-Requests will be attended ONLY if made replying to my sticky post!

For now, all armors are male only

There is a merchant near falkreach mill named Hyousuke. It's hard to miss, since he's wearing a blue uchiha robe and sandboxing inside a tent
Exact location Here

current version features:

-Akatsuki outfit with separate cloak (HDT)
-Uchiha Robe with 3 color variants: black, blue and violet (HDT)
-Anbu armor (itachi version)
-Standard leaf shinobi outfit
-Sasuke's taka outfit (HDT)
-Almost all vilages headbands with rogue variants

For the future:
-Female versions of the armors above
-Madara war outfit
-Taka akatsuki cloak
-Madara Juubi 
-Kakuzu headgear
-Dosu outfit
-Orochimaru outfit
-Obito stuff
-Sasuke shinden and boruto clothes
-Requests that you might have

Please, be patient. 
I have to make all uv maps, textures by scratch, rig the armor, add HDT... So, it takes some time to get things ready and working properly
Also, I'm taking a break from moding for a few weeks.

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