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FROST is a hardcore total conversion mod set in the years following the Great War of 2077 that aims to eliminate all vanilla quests and NPCs to create a freeform survival experience.

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FROST is not dead!
The development was split into multiple mods, check the post section and the requirement section for more information
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Introduction: What is FROST?
FROST is the successor to the much beloved and much hated DUST Survival Simulator for Fallout: New Vegas. FROST's goal is to transform the world of Fallout 4 into a freeform survival game with an emphasis on lore and visual storytelling. Set in the years following the Great War of 2077, you will see new, replaced lore, challenging new enemies, and many overhauled gameplay systems. Many areas in the game world have been visually overhauled as well.

In FROST, the goal is not to complete quests and join factions. Most vanilla NPCs have been removed or changed beyond recognition. Your only mission is to survive, however long.


Use this guide if you need help. Setting up FROST is not as difficult as it seems. Visit the FROST Discord, we help everyone personally to make sure that mods are probably installed and loaded.

-If you are new to Fallout 4 modding, go here first to set up your .ini file. This is essential for modding.
-It is recommended to make a clean install before making a FROST related load order
-Check out this FROST installation and load order guide
-Install FROST with a mod manager of your choice (MO2 is recommended)
-Install the mods from the requirements section (see above) and load them after FROST. Make sure to read their descriptions. These mods are all community Add-Ons that are compatible with each other and were designed to work together. They fix a lot of bugs, make the game more stable and add new content.
-Make sure that the FROST Exterior Cell Fixes and the FROST Interior Cell Fixes mods are load at the bottom of your load order!
-If you need help, visit the FROST Discord Server

The Old Frost Save files are NOT needed any more!
With the community Add-On FROST Plus (see Requirements above), you can just click "New Game" in the Main Menu to start FROST. You can even play as a ghoul if you want with this mod.


Incompatibilities and Load Order
-FROST is a total overhaul of your gameplay experience, and I mean total. Just about anything that alters stats, levelled lists, weather or NPCs will conflict. Place FROST at the very bottom of your load order to minimize these conflicts.
-Non-FROST related mods should be loaded before FROST, unless you know what you are doing. If you need help, visit the FROST Discord.
-If you are using the Workshop DLCs, make sure to get the FROST patch for them.
-FROST is not fully compatible with Alternate Start mods. Some may work, depending on how the start itself is handled, but if you spawn in an outdoors location without a gas mask you will irradiate to death fairly quickly. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR YOUR FIRST PLAYTHROUGH. You will die very quickly.
-Gas Masks of the Wasteland is partially compatible. Be sure to use this patch.
-Fallout 4 Seasons - Winter is a great alternative if you dislike FROST's snow textures.
-Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) won't cause crashed, but it will mess with the loot. It is recommended to not use AWKCR!
-Horizon is incompatible
-Super Mutant Redux and other Super mutant overhauls are incompatible
-Raider Overhaul is incompatible
-Most creatures mods are not patched for FROST, it is not recommended to use them with FROST. The community will provide patches for the creature mods.
-Weapon mods: Weapon mods need to be patched for FROST. You can find a lot of weapon patches for FROST here and here.
-Weather mods are only compatible with FROST if they have a FROST patch
-Most armor mods are compatible with FROST, but are often too unbalanced for FROST


Changelog: Gameplay
-Lethal Combat: Enemies will kill you in just a few hits and you will do the same to them. Your best bet is to take cover and not get shot.-IMPORTANT NOTE: In regards to melee- Yes, you do do less damage than your enemies at level 1. Take perks, git gud. As would make sense in real life, the player and all human NPCs receive the same damage... with guns and explosives. Melee weapons depend entirely on the skill of the user. When you start the game you are a malnourished, half-dead prisoner. You're weak and have just woken up from a coma, so OF COURSE you don't do as much damage with a pipe as a hardened Cannibal or Survivor would do. Taking the appropriate perks will put you on the same level as your enemies. After all, they do more damage BECAUSE they have these perks. Please realize this before you froth at the mouth and start screaming "unfair!". It is fair, you just need to gain some experience.

-Deleveled Loot and Enemies: A common misconception about the difficulty of FROST; the entire world is deleveled. At level one you have a chance of running into Level 50 Deathclaws and veteran enemies. It's rare, but possible. At the same time, you also have a chance to find guiding missile launchers and heavy combat armor. Don't get discouraged if you run into an enemy that is extremely difficult to kill. It may be out of your league to kill at the current moment, but that doesn't mean that everything is. As you level up, the world will not level with you. You'll be more able to handle situations you were once forced to run from.

-Scarcity: Ammo, meds, and other useful things are very rare. To find them in large quantities you'll have to go to where it'd make sense for them to be (i.e. medicine is more often found in hospitals).

-Radiation: Radiation is now far more deadly. Not only are all sources of radiation amped up, the new Atmospheric Radiation system gives all players constant rads if they dare to explore the outdoors without a protective gas mask.

-AI Tweaks: Enemies use ammo, and vary in accuracy. Lower level enemies will spew rounds to the wind while expert marksmen will take you down from across the battlefield with one well-placed headshot. Beware.

-Settlement Overhaul: Hi-tech workshop items require schematics to build, which can be scavenged and collected in the world. Settlements have also been nerfed to be much more difficult to protect and will function more as personal bases.

-Legendaries Removed: No more god weapons (except for a handful of uniques)! You'll use what you can get your hands on and be happy with it.

-Carryweight: Carryweight has been dramatically lowered (assuming you're playing on Survival mode and not one of those Easy-mode milk-drinkers). You will only carry the necessities.

-Perk Edits: No more simply picking meat off of bodies! Invest in the Hunter perk to harvest goods from your kills. Or take the edited Rifleman, Commando, and Gunslinger perks to increase your range and accuracy with their respective guns.

-And much more!

Changelog: Lore and the World
FROST takes place just after the Great War. As such, the lore, world, and enemies reflect this change. FROST includes...
-A newly implemented Subway System with over 22 large new cells (including 1 friendly city) that connects each of the vanilla Fallout 4 subway stations 
-Hundreds of new notes and terminal entries detailing the extensive new lore of the world. Follow notes and discover hidden conspiracies!
-8 distinct new factions to interact and battle with! These completely replace all vanilla factions.
-Many revised and edited vanilla cells (WIP)

Changelog: New Gear!
-Many new weapons and armors to add greater diversity to the new factions and enemies.


Naugrim04's Recommended Mods!
For a proper lore-friendly Survival-Horror experience!

FROST Unofficial Updates
FROST More Starting Locations
FROST - Nuka World Addon
FROST Workshop DLC Patch
FROST - Unofficial Boston FPS Fix Outdated, use these two mods instead: Exterior Cell Fixes, Interior Cell Fixes
FROST Dark Calling
FROST Hunkered Down
FROST Lore-Tweaked Sanity Loss
FROST Sanity HUD Indicator

Ultimate (Main) Menus (Video Replacer)
Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul
Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction
Crows and Creatures
Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds
Digital Nightmare - Music Overhaul Mod
Travis Begone
Clickerfied Ghouls - The Last Of Us Clicker Sounds For Ghouls
Some Assembly Required (Power Armor Overhaul)
PILGRIM - Dread the Commonwealth
MariENB 3 for FROST
Freeze Intimidation Overhaul
Alliance and Federation Fatigues retexture

FROST Survival Simulator- RU
FROST Survival Simulator- FR
FROST Survival Simulator- Brazilian Portuguese
FROST Survival Simulator- Chinese


-MADMAX713- Raider Overhaul assets
-Horus05- Commonwealth Scavvers assets
-tookiejones- Survival Go-Bags assets
-textures.com- snow textures
-Herofonts (dafont.com)- Bronx Bystreets font
-Jonathan S. Harris (dafont.com)- True Lies font
-ghostfc3s- Subway Runner station resources (modified- for Concord/Lexington stations).
-killshots2- Ghoul Masks, Wendigo model/textures, fix for Angel's Hood model.
-Gogy28- Bear Hunter Armor
-WickedRhyme- Homemade Explosives
-m150- TochAndLantern
-Derpsdale- Spirit Forms assets
-DSJ- Federation/Alliance Armors, Alliance/Themis Flags

-Dan- Hallucination Scripting Extraordinaire

(Please contact me if you contributed notes but do not see your name here. I will verify with you if they were included or not.)
-Cameron McKinley- "Begin Again" Main Title arrangement

PAGE MANAGEMENT (since 2021)


New Disclaimer
FROST is now in the hands of its community. The add-ons which the FROST community made basically "complete" FROST. An XBOX version will not be made for FROST. If you don't like certain design choices, visit the FROST Discord to talk about there. If you don't like the FROST and it Add-Ons, please keep in mind that it is a free, amateur production. It did not take years off your life to download them. The design choices are the way they are because that is what we enjoy. Writing us an outraged letter cursing the names of our families probably won't get much changed, but a thoughtful suggestion might. The way in which you interact with other people makes a difference. Thank you.


Old Disclaimer
FROST is very much a work in progress. Since this is still an early build, there will be many, many bugs, inconsistencies, anachronisms, and other unappealing things. My hope is that you will still be able to enjoy the mod in its rough state and will report these issues in a clear and respectful way. Know that FROST will be updated often and will have numerous content dumps. An Xbox version will likely be uploaded in the distant future. I do not know specifically "when", other than that it will be very far down the line. If you don't like the mod, please keep in mind that it is a free, amateur production. It did not take years off your life to download it. The design choices are the way they are because that is what I enjoy. Writing me an outraged letter cursing my family's name probably won't get much changed, but a thoughtful suggestion might. The way in which you interact with other people makes a difference. Thank you.