Fallout 4

Here are the four main reasons why I listed these mods here:
1. A few of the mods listed here were made by amateur modders who made some rookie mistakes with problematic consequences. The often have ITM records or did not even set Frost.esp as a master file. As a consequence, those mods often don't work or even conflict heavily with other FROST mods

2. Some mods on this list were really well made, but alternative and newer mods replaced them.

3. Some of the mods listed here patch a mod for FROST. The problem is that they often do not nearly enough to properly patch a mod for FROST, and often forget to edit and patch important things, like level values in LChars, Leveled Lists and omod collections.

4. Some of the mods here conflict with the design and balance choices of the development of FROST that has been taken place since 2019.

I would like to thank everyone who made those mods and patches that are on this list. You guys did a good job, and many people in the FROST community appreciate that you made those mods and patches, even if they are now not recommended to use anymore.

If you are a mod author yourself, you are encouraged to check these mods out in F4Edit/zEdit/xEdit, to see how and why they should not be used with my mod.

Some of these mods helped me to figure out how to fix the bugs, but I often found better ways to fix the problems. Thanks to every mod author that tried to patch bugs in FROST <3

If a mod landed here by accident, please notify me. Thank you.

Note: All Power Armor patches for FROST that are older then December 2021 are outdated from a balance perspective. I can't recommend to use them

All The Metro Flags and Flags of the Metro(my mod does the same thing already)

FROST - Accuracy Reversion (I don't recommend it for balancing reasons)

FROST - Armorsmith Extended - Patch (This patch doesn't nearly do as much as it should, and it is old and conflicts with my mod)

FROST - Backpack agility fix

FROST - Blight Brew Fix (my mod does the same thing already)

FROST - Eleanor Restored as Vendor (my mod does the same thing)

Frost - Functional New Game (this mod is broken. Use Frost Plus instead, it does the same thing a lot better and with no bugs)

FROST - Fungal Purge Patch (my mod does the same thing already)

FROST - Give Me That Bottle - Patch

FROST - Immersive masks (Immersive my ass. It completely destroys the gas mask mechanic from FROST. It is unbalanced, I can't recommend it)

Frost - Money convert

FROST - NPC Ammo Tweak

FROST - Radrose Usability Enhancements Patch with Fixes

FROST - Sanity Check Item (Use the Frost Sanity Tab mod instead)

FROST - Unofficial Boston FPS Fix (Outdated, use the Frost Exterior Cell Fixes and the Frost Interior Cell Fixes mods instead)

FROST - Unofficial Fungal Purge Fix (My mod does the same thing already)

FROST - Vanilla Signs Removal -DEPRECATED-

FROST - VIS-G Item Sorting - Patch

Frost - Water Patch (Frost plus has an optional file to get the bottles back from crafting boiled water, and my mod also adjusts the water problem in a better way)

FROST - Weightless Ammo (It forgets to edit Far Harbor Ammo, and it is unbalanced)

Frost 4th Door (Use the FROST More Starting Locations mod instead)

FROST ACO and Armor Rebalanced Patch (it isn't a finished patch, and it conflicts with my mod. Use it at your own risk)

Frost and Agony (This one is outdated and conflicts with my mod)

FROST Armored Alliance Fatigues Pip-boy Fix (My mod does the same thing)

FROST Big Ozzy sells 7.62 (conflicts with my mod)

FROST Cannibal now gives Sanity (Not immersive and unbalanced)

Frost Commonwealth Chickens and Rabbits (The original mod conflicts with frost, it also is a very unbalanced mod/patch)

FROST Craftable Liquor with VALDACIL tag (Outdated and unbalanced)

Frost El Cazador Patch (Unbalanced)

FROST Faction Changer (Outdated, and might conflict with Frost Plus)

Frost Fatigues Extended (Outdated and uses Armorsmith extended, which is incompatible with FROST)

Frost Fungal Stew (My mod already adds Fungal Stews and similar food)

Frost Guns Re-Weighted (Conflicts with my mod and is outdated)

Frost Hunter (Outdated and uses Armorsmith extended, which is incompatible with FROST)

Frost Is Agony (Same reason as for the other Frost Agony Patch above)
FROST LoneWanderer perk fix - remove no settlements requirements (My mod does the same, but better)

FROST Power Helmet Rad Fix (My mod does the same thing)

FROST VIS Patch (outdated)

FROST wanderer perk description fix (Same reason as above)

FROST Warnings Will Be Given (Conflicts with Frost plus and my mod, and makes certain areas not very immersive)

Frost Water Filters Aren't Junk (Not needed anymore, my mod does the same thing)

Frost Weaver  (Not needed anymore, my mod does the same thing but better)

FROST With Dog Save (Conflicts with Frost Plus)

Fungal Purge Edit (Frost) (Same reason as above)

Jacq Frost - A Patch for FROST (Outdated and conflict with most major frost mods. It was the best mod for fixing many FROST bugs, but is now deprecated.)

Lonewanderer Weapons Balance (Outdated, unbalanced, and conflicts with my mod)

Survivor Voices-Frost (Causes voice bugs and other bugs, and a isn't very well made. Do not use it!)

Unofficial FROST - Krebs AK Patch (Outdated and doesn't patch the weapon properly)

Wasteland Survival Guide (Frost Immersion) retexture (This mod was merged into my mod)

Zygster's Frost Mod Startup Stash (Can technically still be used, but isn't recommend to use it)

The optional file "K9-Trainer Fix" from LevelUpMenuEx is outdated and not needed any more.
The main file of LevelUpMenuEx is fine and recommended to use together with my mod.

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