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Compatibility patch between FROST and Human Cooking.

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This is an updated version of WhoIsYourDaddy's original patch with minor fixes such as flagging as .esl to save a plug-in spot, spelling and formatting fixes, removal of dirty edits, and removal of null references.

Immersive Animation Framework (IAF) Patch can be found HERE

This is a compatibility patch between FROST and Human Cooking, made with the intention of bringing Human Cooking in line with FROST Survival Simulator balancing as well as adding sanity degradation after consuming human meat. This patch removes the healing from consuming human parts, changes added bonuses to make them less overpowered and adds sanity damage after consuming cooked and raw human parts as well as renames them from "mystery" food to "human" food, there is enough mystery meat in Frost, and to be frank, you know full well where that meat came from. Crafting of fertilizer from human parts was not touched.
You can find all of the cooking recipes under the "HUMAN COOKING" directory in the cooking stations. 

All of the credit goes to:
FROST Survival Simulator by naugrim04
Human Cooking by futoshisan

As the name of the patch says, you will need Frost Survival Simulator as well as Human Cooking to make this work.
If there are any problems with the patch or bugs you encountered because of it, please let me know.