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About this mod

A comprehensive patch for FROST and FALLOUT 2287 GAS MASKS OF THE WASTELAND to integrate GMOW's mechanics into the irradiated world of FROST.

Permissions and credits

  • Modified various records of GMOW to be in line with FROST, and vice versa
  • Added support for DLCs (Far Harbor and Nuka World)
  • Added radiation zones to interiors where it makes sense
  • Removed the freebies at start (gas mask + 5 filters) and placed one filter at every starting location
  • Modified leveled list to reduce amount of dropped filters
  • Added recipes to craft filters using FROST OFFICIAL UPDATES (REDUX)'s Survival Kit
  • Modified crafting requirements and component cost
  • Fixed the radiation aura of Ferals damaging gas masks

  • Plugin to revert disabling of freebies and nerfing of leveled lists > DISNEYLAND version
  • Custom tags, categories and icons for FallUI + Complex Sorter (Note: not compatible with the new FIS2 and FallUI Icon Library!)

Install with your mod manager of choice, read carefully the descriptions in the installer. Load the plugin(s) below GMOW, FROST, FROST OFFICIAL UPDATES (REDUX), and FROST PLUS.

On a running game with GMOW active:
  • Use the holotape (or MCM) to deactivate the mod
  • Exit Pip-Boy, or MCM
  • Activate again the mod via holotape (or MCM)
Otherwise some functions of this patch won't work!

  • Do NOT select FROST Compatibility (outdated patch)!
  • Do NOT select Gas Mask NPC (reverts NPCs to vanilla)!
  • Do NOT select Gas Mask Climate (not compatible with FROST's weather edits)!
  • Do NOT select GMOW Hard Core Drop Rate (drop rates already taken care of)!

If you installed my other mod FROST - GMOW FOR THE MASOCHISTS, you can uninstall it. It is implemented in this mod as well.

Recommended mods to pair with GMOW:

Cloak damage to gas masks > FIXED
Interior radiation zones: radiation effect work and gas mask is required, but widget and HUD don't reflect it. And filters are not depleted in interiors. I hope to fix this one day.

All credits to D1v1ne122 for creating GMOW and being so supportive!
And of course to naugrim04 for FROST and all others picking up further FROST development.
Do not forget to endorse their mods!