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Tweaks/fixes for FROST, including compatibility with VIS and DEF_UI.

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Hello! My name is Jacq and this is my patch for FROST. The mod name is a pun.

What Does This Mod Do?
This mod fixes, patches, changes, etc. things in Frost that I wanted to have work differently. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Cold booze restores sanity. Generally, more consistency for booze restoring sanity and healing rads (poison wine doesn't remove rads cuz I think that makes sense and whiskey gives more SAN as a ref to Jessica Jones). 
  • Capability with armor keywords, VIS, DEF_UI, and other mods I don't play without. This means things have VIS tags (sometimes using keywords) but still have their frost names, like the Cow Skull.
  • Unique icon for gas masks that block the outside rads in the air, making it easier to know if a given mask is the right kind of mask (since it's not always clear from the item's name). Any sort of mask / face / helmet / head thing that doesn't block the outdoor air rads will have a different icon (depending on what slots it uses of course). 
  • Getting the two issues of Wasteland Survival Guide that give you 150% healing from certain foods have been nerfed to heal the base game 100% amount after the mags (and of course these items still don't heal at all without the mags).
  • The 2 messages about rather ghouls can detect you are more different from each other, making them easier to tell apart during a half a second glance to the corner of the screen while ghouls are trying to eat you.
  • Subway Lines have been renamed to include what color they're part of and two major things they lead to, making underground navigation easier for anyone as forgetful/oblivious as I am. Locations with a '>' in front of their name are direct connections (otherwise, you have to go through more subway lines to get there). Please Note: Some of the subway lines connect more than 2 things, but I've limited it to 2 places in the names for the sake of space.
  • Renamed many notes that had the exact same name to include something related to what they're about or where they're found. For example: ones called "Note" renamed to things like "Note - To Rollo" and given an icon; "Torn Note" to things like "Torn Note - Family".
  • All beers and the base-game nuka drinks help thirst for water. Generally more consistency in what helps thirst. 
  • Things that cook from strange meat or into mystery meat are all renamed to mystery/strange meat. Doesn't make any sense to me to not know what something is before you cook it, but then magically know once it's cooked (or vice versa). 
  • Many S/M Meats given a bit of a name, because renaming things made it so there's too many of them (good job jacq). For example: Strange Crab Meat.
  • Cooked pre-war food given it's own category in the cooking station. S/M meat has it's own category too. The Roast category was far far too long for my tastes.
  • Icons for the category names in cooking and chem stations because I love icons. 
  • Surgical scalpels and bandage scissors tagged as aid (though they are still in the junk tab) to make it easier to find them among all the other junk.
  • Hazmat suit doesn't make you immune to all radiation. I changed it back to using the base game enchantment, changed the base game enchantment a little, and made the suit count as a gas mask. Side Note: If you want to make things even harder than base game, check out my mod Less Helpful Hazmat Suit (or if you want the immune to rads back, that mod has an option for that as well).
  • Moved the eyebot lantern recipe back over to the chem station (no idea why it was at the cooking station). 
  • All cooked pre-war food items give less rads than their [raw] counter parts (instead of half of them giving less rads).  
  • Irr. prewar food that carries a disease risk now state this in their descriptions (because not all of them carry a disease risk). (apparently their description don't show in game.... I'll figure something out at some point)
  • Frost had bubble gum as food, but gum drops not as food. This doesn't make any sense to me, so I switched them and put rather they count as food in their descriptions (apparently their description don't show in game.... I'll figure something out at some point)
  • Merged in some changes from the UFO4P, such as pick up and drop sound effects.
  • Fugal moonshine uses the moonshine bottle to make it easier to tell apart from empty beer bottles at a glance / from a distance. 
  • Fixes some black spots on the ground in the Commonwealth.
  • Fixes some holes into the void/maps leaks/room bounds/portals/whatever you call them.

Sounds Great, how do I install this?
1. First
Have all the DLC installed: Nuka world, Far Harbor, Robots, and Workshop 1 2 & 3 are all required.

2. Second
Choose if you want the "normal", "mid", or "lite" version of this mod. Lite and mid only require you have FROST, but have less features then the normal version. Lite includes only things that don't require FROST (so I can open that file in CK), including the black spots and map leaks. Mid includes that and things that require FROST but not all the other mods, including the tunnel renames. Normal is everything. 

For the lite or mid version:
  1. Install FROST

For the normal version, you need a few more mods: (please note - this order is the load order I suggest / use)
  1. DEF_UI - Optional: for the icons, roll-up's, and component lists for junk in the world. 
  2. AWKCR - Required: for the keywords
  3. UFO4P - Required: To fix what it can
  4. Chem Redux - Required: for the textures/nif files used by the chems; if you want, you can delete the chem redux esp after install. 
  5. VIS - Optional: for instance naming rules and anything that didn't conflict with frost. I recommend Val's picks and Junk+DEF_UI. Personally I also use Not Junk, but mix and match what you want. Don't worry about the chem redux + VIS patch, it's been merged into jacq frost. 
  6. FROST - Required: of course you need this.
  7. Concealed Armor - Required: I hide armor I don't want to look at.

3. Third
Download and install this mod.
  • Make sure to pick the right file for your version of FROST!
  • If using the normal version, overwrite the interface files with this mod's files. 
  • I know frost says put nothing after it, but because this a patch for frost, it must be after FROST in your load order or it will do nothing. 

4. Fourth
Double check your load order for what mods you have installed. Depending on which mods you've installed, it should be something like that list below. If you're using Mid or Lite, you'll be missing most of these and that's ok. For Normal, make sure they're all there. 
  1. Fallout.esm and other DLC esm's
  2. ArmorKeywords.esm
  3. ConcealedArmor.esm
  4. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
  5. ValdacilsItemSorting esp files (if you've chosen to use them, they're optional even in the normal version)
  6. Other mods unrelated to this patch you've chosen to add to your game.
  7. FROST.esp
  8. ConcealedArmor.esp
  9. Jacq-FROST.esp
  10. Jacq-FROST-CK-base.esp
  11. Jacq-FROST-NoMods.esp

5. Fifth
Fun, death, frustration, give up, try again, and enjoy FROST. 

Please Note: While I have been making bits and pieces of this over a long bit of time, first off I kept miss-placing the file and having to re-build many things from ground up, and second off I previously didn't share this file before it was so far beyond not polished. I have tried to test/check for bugs/mistakes/typo's/etc. some what, but I haven't totally triple checked every little thing. I'm going to check things by just playing FROST and tweaking this as I go. If you find something wrong/broken/weird you think is due to this mod (for example, an item missing an icon), please report it. I'll look into it when I can. 


Will you make a patch for FROST and mod X?
I only add mods that I want to play with. So probably not, no. This is one of those mods where it's my pet project for myself and I'm just sharing it as is in case it's helpful to others. Besides, I want to keep the required mods list as short as I can. 

Can I get only the map-leak fixes for the underground subway lines / tunnels without installing all those other mods?
Yes. Because CK is a butt-head and removes masters that aren't master files, edits I made to some vanilla assets (especially cells) are in a separate file. For v0.3 and higher, just download the mod via NMM and select lite in the fomod installer I made. 

Can I get fixes like the subway lines being renamed without all those other mods?
Yes. This was requested, so I split up fixes that only require FROST but not those other mods into a third file. For v0.4.1 and higher, just download via NMM and select mid in the fomod installer. 

I really want thing X, but I don't like thing Y. Is it possible to get rid of thing Y? Please?
Yes! Click here for more info.

This goes against the spirit of FROST because X Y Z!
I'm not going to change how I play fallout due to your opinion, likewise you should ignore my opinions when you play. Rather or not you like this mod and rather or not I keep sharing this mod online, I'm going to keep developing it for myself so I can use it. No rude comment from anyone is going to change rather this mod is in my game. 

Side note: I am aware that FROST is still in a alpha/beta type of state and therefore playing it means dealing with bugs. I fixed some of them because they bother me and I know how to fix them, so this is my way of dealing with them. Hopefully one day parts of Jacq FROST will be obsolete as they will be part of FROST proper.

Your logo is ugly.
I spent about a minute in MS Paint working on it. Because I don't care. I spent more time getting the screenshots that show off the mod in game. Cuz I think that matters more. I just didn't feel like it, ok? Because usually when I try to follow one of those make text look like ice tutorials, it comes out looking f-ing stupid, so I decided not to bother putting time/effort into it. 

This mod's name isn't helpful, you should rename the mod.
This comment isn't helpful, you should go away.

Possible Future Plans
Anything in the change log for a higher version that what is released/available is changes I've made on my machine, but I'm waiting until it feels like enough stuff to bother uploading it for everyone to download again. 

Outside of that, things I might at some point work on adding includes:
  • Quest markers for the frost quests (let go, etc.) - assuming I can learn to get quests to work.
  • Fix base game things that bother me (like Hancock's terminal.... he ain't pre-war and I don't think his parents or even his grandparents are born at this point)
  • Fix the gitchy weirdness I saw last time I was near the nuka-world entrance (assuming said weirdness is still there, there's some things I haven't checked since FROSTv0.4).
  • Dogmeat.
  • Sole survivor's home, concord, and quest completion.