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Alters the MP443 "Grach" and SVU Sniper from FX0x01's Russian Recon Pack to adhere to FROST's various changes.

Permissions and credits

  • Altered base damage, renamed receivers, and changed receiver stats to coincide with FROST's weapon balance changes
  • Reduced critical damage multiplier value consistent with FROST Official Updates (Redux)
  • Reworked and balanced attachment crafting recipes
  • Constructed de-leveled modcols
-The weapons will spawn with random attachments, but the odds of finding ones with good attachments are low.
  • Disabled the base mod's leveled list injection script and created new leveled list injection scripts for both weapons
  • Added scope sway to the SVU Sniper

The SVU can be found in some containers on Alliance, Federation, Military Remnants, and purchased from vendors.
The MP443 "Grach" can be found in some containers, on Survivors, and purchased from vendors.

There is an additional file available that makes the MP443 use 9mm ammo from Deadpool2099's 9mm Pistol mod. Obviously, Deadpool's 9mm Pistol mod is a requirement if you choose to use the 9mm optional file

Both versions come as an .esl flagged .esp files to keep you under your plug-in limit.

Russian Recon Pack
FROST Survival Simulator
9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power) Redux [only required if using the 9mm version]
Proper FROST -9mm Pistol Patch and Replacer [if using the 9mm version]

Russian Recon Pack
9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power) Redux [only required if using the 9mm version]
Proper FROST -9mm Pistol Patch and Replacer [only required if using the 9mm version]

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Proper FROST -9mm Pistol Patch and Replacer
See Through Scopes
Patch - FROST and See Through Scopes (Replacer Version)

Credit to Naugrim04 and FX0x01 for creating FROST and the Russian Recon Pack, respectively.
Credit to DankRafft for the LL inject script

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