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About this mod

This mod is not meant as a standalone, but to live in symbiosis with the original Frost content.
That means this mod also include part of Frost original cut content, aswell as adding new functionalities in order to diversify yet expand optionally your gameplay decisionmaking. It does not require F4SE.

Permissions and credits
Using the New Save files is recommended, although It's not a requirement unless:

If you use the original Frost save, it'll be a requirement to use the new saves that I uploaded, in order to experience the full mod features, as Frost original saves themselves do not contain the fully updated game information of latest Frost version itself.
(Most notably at The Crater House in Salem, there will be "turrets" if you use the old save of Frost. Which I have no way to remove them because in Frost they are already removed yet they still remain saved in the old Save File.)

# Incompatibilities:
 I yet do not know any compatibility, but I can write a quick list of things that I know will break some functionality:
- Any Mod that changes Frost default Faction relationships.
- Any Mod that will give you permanent the default Radiation Immunity as an ability, will be converted as the new "Rad Absorb" after loading a save and if you're a ghoul race.
- Any other mod that edits the default doors with the starting room (only the already existing ones).

# Advised load order:

1. [Frost.esp]
3.(Everything that you think is compatible with Frost but not with this mod)
7.(Everything you think is compatible with Frost and this mod)

# Miscellaneous: (Optional)
1. New Perk - Healthy Constitution:
Details: https://www.reddit.com/r/fodust/comments/kbbql8/new_optional_perk_healthy_constitution_for/
2. Lootable Cars - Post - War loot friendly
Details: https://pastebin.com/JFMxGvBg

# Currently working on:
  • More interactive NPCs

# Notes:
- None of the NPCs added by this mod are Essentials, not even the Companions/Followers or the Main Quest givers. That means it's up to you  to decide which opportunity are you going to take and which not.
- Looking for someone with a Mic or writers. In order to make new plausible stories or to give current Frost npcs a unique voice.
- Any feedback is appreciated.
- Thank you for reading and I hope you'll have fun playing this Mod even in its early development.