Fallout 4

About this mod

The mod is designed exclusively for FROST in order give it a second chance for it to be played with less bugs, more content and more immersion.

Permissions and credits
The change-log up here contains most of the features in details.

What features does it bring for FROST:

  • New Game Mode
  • Maintenance for mod compatibility
  • Navmesh Cell Fixes
  • Glitch & Bug Fixes
  • Fenway Park (Diamond City)
  • Factions overhauls
  • New FROST Storylines
  • More Interactive NPC and Hallucinations

The fix provided to the Navmesh also allows the NPC to move in areas that otherwise are use to be exploited.
The note you find in your inventory can unlock specific scenes, you can find more details in the Article section.


1. [Any mods that do edit vanilla quests: StartMeUp - Or Optionally Master files, depending on your Mod Manager]
3.(Any mods that are meant to go with FROST patches are fine with only few exceptions)
4.(Most of the FROST Patches)
5.(Any mods that do edit the exterior environment or stuffs in it, such as: NUCLEAR WINTER and Gas Mas Of the Wasteland)
6.[FROST Plus]
7.    (Any other FROST patch, avoid placing stuff that edits Vanilla Quests here if you're starting a New Game.)

This order has been carefully selected as the way I consider proper to avoid any problems.

The way you can optimize your load order for efficiency depends on your modding knowledge; by sorting mods that do the similar things next to each other.

This mod is intended to be used together with FROST Unofficial Updates! FROST Unofficial Updates fixes certain bugs that this mod here does not. Both mods are designed to be used together!

Optional Downloads:
I've designed these plug-ins after receiving private requests and they'll eventually come out as their own mod.

Naugrim and the FROST developer team
Voice Actors Crew
Jason - Wandering
Federation Officer - Bliazy
Federation Commander - kingcounty1
Federation Doctor - Fullmetal Dovahkiin

Thanks to Argonn, Alison, Flintstone, Toaster for reviewing the grammar.
Brainstorming and screenshot - Mc.E. / Argonn
Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and gave suggestions

Begin Again and Let Go.


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