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Alters RonnieMagnum's 22LR Silenced Pistol to adhere to FROST's various changes.

Permissions and credits

  • Fixed a bug in the base mod where the weapon couldn't spawn with the "original grip" due to the modcol referencing an incorrect attachment point.
  • Renamed the weapon to "Silenced .22 Pistol" to match Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Added scripted leveled list injection for the weapon as well as the ammunition.
  • Altered base damage, renamed receivers, and changed receiver stats to coincide with FROST's weapon balance changes
  • Edited aim model consistent with FROST Official Updates (Redux): no automatic recoil recovery
  • Reduced critical damage multiplier value consistent with FROST Official Updates (Redux)
  • Tweaked some attachment crafting recipes
  • Modified and de-leveled the modcols
-The weapon will spawn with random attachments, but the odds of finding one with good attachments are low.

The gun can be found wherever pipe weapons are found.

The gun is not very strong. It is meant to diversify the survivor arsenal, provide some loot variety and balance the loot tables against stronger weapons introduced by the other FROST weapon patches.

Comes as an .esl flagged .esp file to keep you under your plug-in limit.

22LR Silenced Pistol
FROST Survival Simulator

22LR Silenced Pistol

It is important to load FROST after the original 22LR Silenced Pistol mod in order to let FROST override the direct leveled list edits made by 22LR Silenced Pistol

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Credit to Naugrim04 and RonnieMagnum for creating FROST and the 22LR Silenced Pistol, respectively.
Credit to Dankrafft for the LL inject script

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