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FROST - Nuka World is a patch that adds Nuka-World to Naugrim04's FROST Survival Simulator.
It contains balance changes, new lore (with notes and journals), new factions and introduces a hallucination system similar to DUSTs Hallucination system!

Permissions and credits
The mod should be save to use, but before you install this mod, make a backup save just in case.
Thank you!

What is FROST?
You will find your answer here.

Use a mod manager to install the mod and the performance patch.
This mod has to be loaded AFTER Frost.esp
The Performance Patch (Frost NW Previs Patch.esp) and the Unofficial Boston FPS fix have to be loaded AFTER the FrostNukaWorld.esp
Example Load Order:
  • FROST.esp
  • FrostNukaWorld.esp
  • Frost NW Previs Patch.esp
  • FROSTfix.esp
(Technically you don't need the Performance Patch and the Unoffical Boston FPS fix, but you should use them for better performance!)
If you use a winter texture replacer, don't let my mod overwrite it.
If you notice that scripts are not working (hallucination look "normal" or you can't travel to NW) that means that scripts were not installed correctly, and that is most likely an issue on your side.

- All vanilla factions and NPCs were removed or replaced
- A new faction
- New characters and survivor groups
- A Hallucination System (the real good stuff, scary shadowy figures, strange stuff on your pip boy map, and a "nightmare" similar to DUST. Currently works only in Nuka-World, Commonwealth Patch will come later!)
- Over 60 new journals, notes and terminal entries
- Updated Nuka-World items (so that they fit the FROST gameplay changes, they might need some balance changes)
- Updated weather and textures for Nuka-World
so that they fit FROST
- References to vanilla Nuka-World lore and "vanilla" FROST lore
- Updated Lore for the Redeemer faction

How to start
There is a note found on a barrel in Ciampa's Bar in Downtown. Read it, and a location to the west will be revealed on your map.
Do not use Power Armor to travel to Nuka-World! You will loose it forever if you do. This is not a bug, this is intended! You will notice why.
Level Recommendation is somewhere between Level 35 and 50.
You don't lose your equipment when starting this mod.
Be prepared to fight or avoid some robots at the Galactic Zone (so take some explosives or Stealth Boys with you).

At certain locations in Nuka-World are almost no sleeping possibilities. This is Bethesda's fault, they did not design Nuka-World with Survival Mode in mind.
I might add more beds in a future update. Also please keep the radiation storms in mind. Nuka-World has not many interior locations, so finding shelter is sometimes not easy.

Incompatibilities and Load Order
-Certain mods that touch Nuka-World items or locations are incompatible and will cause problems!
-Some of these issues can be avoided by loading my mod after other mods.
-FROST Nuka-World needs to be loaded after FROST.
-If you use another texture mod, don't let my mod overwrite it.
-Weather mods probably need a patch to work with my mod.
-If you notice other incompatible mods, please let me know.

How to uninstall this mod

  • Leave Nuka-World, and go into an interior cell in the Commonwealth (don't use
  • Ciampa's Bar or the Nuka Transit Station for this).
  • Make a backup save
  • Open the console
  • type "help FNW_HallucinationHandlerQuest 4" to get the questID (the questID should be something like "XX033D25"
  • type "setstage questID 100"
  • Wait 6 seconds so that quest can shutdown
  • Make a save file
  • Close Fallout 4 and uninstall the mod

  • ver 0.60: Closed more doors and fixed a few bugs
  • ver. 0.59 and 0.59.5: Fixed Nuka-Cooler, invisible Synths, and removed a random Pack Scavver
  • ver. 0.58: Removed lore-breaking plants, replaced prewar food on the surface with irradiated versions, made certain locations not accessable anymore (because of lore and script reasons), fixed spelling and grammar, some bugs were fixed and a ton of other balance changes.
  • ver. 0.57 (fixed ants again, nerfed gorillas, removed some legendary enemies, removed ammo, nerfed a few other NPCs, removed ammo from certain locations, fixed some doors)
  • ver. 0.56 (fixed ants and unkillable survivor. Just install this over the old version)
  • ver. 0.55 (initial release)

If you notice bugs (like vanilla NPCs or vanilla encounters) please use the bugs section of this mod page to report them.
-Certain Map Icons are the same (Icon has a skull with chains). I am not sure what causes this bug. It is a minor bug.
-Feral Ghouls spawn dead: This is a known issue with vanilla Fallout 4 and FROST. I am not sure what causes it.
-Nuka-World Quest "All Aboard" is triggered. Just ignore it.
-Random Robots in Grandchster Mansion (not sure what causes this)
-Glitches at the Nuka Transit Station: Certain Objects may may disappear and appear. Just ignore it for now, this is a small issue with the performance patch.
-Location Reset Bug: This bug has nothing to do with my mod, it is an issue with the Engine. Use Buffout 4 to fix it, if you notice that locations in Nuka-World reset their NPCs and their loot too fast!

You want more?
I have a few more mods planned for FROST: A Hallucination update for Far Harbor and the Commonwealth, a perk and crafting update, and an update that fixes some bugs and oversights in FROST.

- Naugrim04 and textures.com for the snow textures

Writers & Advisers
- KanonKing
- Jaberkaty
- certainOrder
Precombines & Previs Patch
- krrptd
Honourable Mentions
- Naugrim04
- Hod Toward and Sethebda for all the CK crashes...
- Cameron McKinley because his music inspired me and kept me motivated
- People who post CK tutorials on YouTube
- Everyone from the FROST Discord Server (Patchmaster, DSJ, clantz, krrptd, stayla, Old' Un, Lonewanderer345 and many more)

FROST Reddit
-ENB used in the pictures above: Pilgrim ENB


I am not Naugrim04. Don't expect a mind-blowing story that is based on one of the oldest writings in history. But you will find notes and journals that are similar to the ones in DUST, some that are crazy and some that have that depressing FROST vibe. Some notes are connected to vanilla stuff from Nuka-World (i.e. to Kiddie Kingdom and Oswald), but in a very lore-friendly way.

I've picked up certain events, characters and factions from the original FROST and expanded on them. Naugrim04 did not help me with my mod, he did not influence it in any way. Please do not contact him if you have questions, please contact me instead.

The stories told in this mod are lore-friendly, but not canon (neither in the vanilla game or in FROST).
If you find mistakes in my writing (lore problems, typos, grammar mistakes) please let me know. Thank you.

To quote Naugrim04:

"FROST is very much a work in progress. Since this is still an early build, there will be many, many bugs, inconsistencies, anachronisms, and other unappealing things. My hope is that you will still be able to enjoy the mod in its rough state and will report these issues in a clear and respectful way. Know that FROST will
be updated often and will have numerous content dumps. [...] If you don't like the mod, please keep in mind that it is a free, amateur production. It did not take years off your life to download it. The design choices are the way they are because that is what I enjoy. Writing me an outraged letter cursing my family's name probably won't get much changed, but a thoughtful suggestion might. The way in which you interact with other people makes a difference. Thank you."