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Alter's GloriousWarrior's PP-91 KEDR to adhere to FROST's various changes with an option to replace the vanilla Pipe Gun.

Permissions and credits

  • Fixed a bug that caused the weapon to be too loud
  • Balanced and renamed the receivers and increases base damage to coincide with FROST's weapon balance changes
  • Constructed de-leveled modcols 
- The gun can be found at any level with any attachments, but the odds of finding one with good attachments are low
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes from the base mod
  • Removed the damage modifiers
  • In the base mod there is no statistical difference between all of the stock and barrel options. Therefore........
  • Rebalanced barrel attachments
  • Altered the "unfolded stock" and "no stock" attachments to improve sighted accuracy and reduce weight, respectively
  • Altered leveled lists to make them show up on survivors, alliance, vendors, and some containers
  • Rebalanced crafting of various attachments
  • Edited aim model consistent with FROST Official Updates (Redux): no automatic recoil recovery
  • Reduced critical damage multiplier value consistent with FROST Official Updates (Redux)

The replacer version replaces the vanilla Pipe Gun with the PP-91 KEDR and the LL injection is disabled.
The Pipe Revolver and Pipe Bolt Action will still show up because the Pipe Bolt Action (.308), Pipe Gun (.38), and Pipe Revolver (.45) are 3 separate weapons.

If you want to replace the Pipe Revolver as well, use FROST - .45 Auto Pistol Patch and Replacer
If you want to replace the Pipe Bolt Action as well, use FROST - M1 Garand Patch and Replacer

The replacer version won't work if you already use another mod that replaces Pipe Guns.

***Only download ONE of the files under the "FILES" tab***

This file plugin is a .esl flagged .esp file to help keep you under your plug-in limit.

AnotherOne PP-91 KEDR
FROST Survival Simulator


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Credit to Naugrim04 and GloriousWarrior for creating FROST and the PP-91 KEDR, respectively.

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