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FROST Patch for Warfighter's MW .50 Submod.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE 2: Fixed Leveled List Issues. Added the weapon to spawn on Federation, Alliance, and High threat survivors

UPDATE: Tactical Reload no longer required. An optional file has been added to those that want to use Tactical reload with it.

A Patch for Warfighter's MW .50 Submod to adhere to FROST's gameplay changes. Requires Tactical Reload.


- Ammo changed from .50 caliber to .44 to be in line with Fallout's Lore. (.50 caliber cannot be used on the weapon anymore)
- Balances the weapon to be on-par with other weapons in FROST.
- Renamed, deleveled, added components, and perk requirements for all of the weapon modifications.
- Weapon will spawn randomly on Army Remnants, Federation, Alliance, Highly Equipped Survivors, and Gun vendors with random attachments starting from level 1.
- Blueprints are uncraftable but will dictate the weapon's selling value depending on the blueprint attached to the gun.
- Perks have been removed completely for balance reasons.
- Weapon is now uncraftable from the chembench for balance reasons. (Future update will restore crafting by implementing schematic spawns)


*Without Tactical Reload:
- Install Warfighter's MW .50 Sub mod and its requirements
- Install my Patch

*With Tactical Reload:
- Install Tactical Reload and its requirements
- Install Warfighter's MW .50 Sub mod and its requirements
- Install my Main File and the TacReload Patch

*Make sure to load the weapon mod and its requirements before FROST

*Make sure to load the Frost patch after FROST and its essentials.

Load Order Example:

- Tactical Reload
- MW .50 Submod
- FROST Patch

Naugrim04 for FROST
WarfightersWorkshop for MW - .50 SubMob and the image provided
FROST Discord Server for helping me make this patch possible
kjg92 for using his patches as my reference