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Alters Sayaheca's M249 to adhere to FROST's various changes.

Permissions and credits
  • Made the 7.62 magazines actually use 7.62 instead of .308.
  • Balances and renames the receivers and increases base damage to coincide with FROST's weapon balance changes
  • Created deleveled modcols 
- The gun can be found at any level with any attachments, but the odds of finding one with good attachments are low.
  • Alters various attachment crafting recipes
  • The legendary magazine attachments have been nerfed to function identically to the normal magazines. However, the armor piercing magazines still have their effects.
  • The weapon can no longer be crafted at the chem bench. 
  • Fixed a bug in the base mod where you couldn't reattach attachments to the M249 after crafting a different one. This means that the Miniminikov "bonus gun" from the original mod isn't totally useable and not intended to be used with this patch installed. (Technicals: Sayaheca made OMODS for the M249 and the Miniminikov reference the same MISC items. Consequently, attachments already in your inventory couldn't be attached to the M249. They could only be attached to the Miniminikov.)

The gun can be found on Military Remnants, Federation, and vendors (scripted leveled list injection).

Comes as an .esl flagged .esp file to keep you under your plug-in limit.

M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
FROST Survival Simulator


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Credit to Naugrim04 and Sayaheca for creating FROST and the M249, respectively.

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