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This page contains a few patches for all sorts of mods.

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This mod is outdated and not supported anymore!
Weapon patcher script can be found here:

Washing Add-On can be found here:

This contains a few small patches and mods, mostly for FROST, but not all of them need FROST.

Get Dirty Washing Add-On

  • Adds two kinds of Hygiene Kit with which you can clean yourself without swimming in a source of water.
  • Hygiene Kits can be crafted at Cooking Pots, and can be used like other consumable items.
  • Your character will unequip most items for a short time, and then re-equip them.
  • The scripts trigger the controller quest from Get Dirty.
  • Doesn't require anything other then Get Dirty.
  • Balancing suggestions are welcome.

FROST Winterized Outfits
  • WARNING: This is currently incompatible with the newest versions of the Frost Official Updates
  • Add gloves to a few clothes/outfits for more immersion
  • Load Order: Load this after RedsFrostFixes.esp

FROST Weapon Patcher Script

  • This is an xEdit/Fo4Edit script prototype to patch weapons for FROST.
  • It can't do everything, it isn't perfect, but it makes patchign weapons easier.
  • It also was thrown together as proof of concept, so its coding style is banana.
  • After the script is applied, stuff like leveled lists and quest injections need to be tweaked, as well as the weapon damage, crafting recipes etc.
  • See this for more information


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