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Changes Fallout 4's Water Consumables to be more immersive and make more sense, both in crafting and for survival purposes.

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A Fallout 4 Water Overhaul Mod (Designed for Survival)

Water breaks down into seven tiers of quality.

- Water, Dirty

Untreated ground, lake, sea or river water, and including the water that’s been sitting in the pipes of Boston since the bombs fell. Still heavy with radioactive particles from the war, and the various microbes and parasites that have adapted to the Rads and only grown nastier because of it. Unsafe to drink, but it’ll save you from dehydration if you’re desperate…

- Water, Boiled

The most basic of water purification, but an effective one. Kills everything but leaves the rads, and a metallic aftertaste.

- Water, Filtered

Boiled Water run through a makeshift, disposable filter. Still somewhat irradiated, but it won’t make you sick, and it’s relatively easy to do with the right materials.

- Water, Pre-War

Water purified and Canned to remain secure, even through a Nuclear Apocalypse, by the MacDougal-Bernard Company. Almost clean and almost rad-free, but a bit stale. Good for hydration but not much else. Uncraftable, for obvious reasons.

- Water, Purified

Water fully purified via reverse osmosis, which is nearly unheard of in the Wasteland. Vault-Tec included machines to process water in their Vaults, though the machinery requires an even more complex and rare component called a “Water Chip” in order to function properly. One particularly intelligent group may have fixed this problem, however…

- Water, Irradiated

Made in batches of ten, some groups or Wastelanders such as the Children of Atom have begun adding more radioactive materials to their drinking water, to bring them closer to Atom… For better or worse. Unsafe to drink, unless you’re somehow immune to Radiation poisoning, or very desperate indeed.

- Distilled Water

Boiled Water purified by distillation. Undrinkable by itself, but used in crafting and cooking.

Recipe Changes

Recipes that require water in Fallout 4 are all over the place, and Fallout’s method of purifying water is wasteful and doesn’t make a ton of sense in-universe or in terms of gameplay. Cook three dirty water results in one purified water. You lose two-thirds of the liquid via purification? What happens to the radioactive particles? This also made survival mode more of a bottle-hoarding game than anything else, as you needed to find three empty bottles to fill to begin with. Plus, you need dirty water to craft some food items, while purified water was more often used for Chemistry.

So, I added a recipe to craft a bottle, found under the “Utilities” tab of the Chemistry station, and “Distilled Water” alongside it. All recipes that required water before, whether dirty or purified, whether food, drink or Chemistry, now require Distilled water instead, which can be made from dirty water.

Speaking of dirty water, it can now be boiled at the Cooking Station, under the “Beverages” tab. This makes it safe to drink in survival mode, but leaves the radiation. You can filter it using some improvised materials, name cloth and antiseptic (to clean the cloth,) which removes some, but not all of the rads. Yes, this means that you can no longer make totally pure water and will always take rad damage from water (with some exceptions) but considering that this was the main plot of Fallout 3, it seems like a sensible change.

Players who would, for any reason, want more-highly-irradiated water can craft this as well, from the Chemistry Station. (Children of Atom may find this especially useful.)

In-World Changes

All pre-existing purified water has been changed to be Pre-War Water instead, which I feel fits thematically and makes slightly more sense. It’s still irradiated, of course, since this is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and sitting in a can for 200 years has made it significantly more rusty and less appealing. But, it’ll sate your thirst and won’t make you sick, so it’s a profitable thing for most merchants in the Wasteland to provide!In addition, I didn’t like the mesh of Dirty Water. It’s an old rotting milk carton, 200 years old, in a setting that already has Milk Bottles instead. So, the mesh has now been changed to a brown bottle instead. Keep an eye out!

(There may be some untested collision issues with changing the mesh, I’m not sure. This is my first full mod. Feel free to report anything like that in a specific cell and I’ll see what I can do.)Water pumps built by the player should now dispense dirty water on drinking and filling, and some sinks and fountains that previously dispensed purified water should now dispense dirty water instead. I also added versions of the Vault 88 Water Fountains and Sinks that dispense clean water while changing the originals to dispense dirty water instead, with the intention being that the purified water versions can only be built in Vault 88 itself, pulling directly from the Vault-Tec Pump. (However, this has not been properly implemented yet. If anyone has any idea how to do this, I’d appreciate a tip.)


Only the one, so far, and it's due to how the game handles components. Essentially, when you craft a brown bottle, you use 4 glass to do so, which the game then reads as you having an item that can be broken down to make 2 glass. This is because, when breaking down bottles and to make bottles, you have diminishing returns by half, and the game doesn't recognize that it's breaking down the very thing you're trying to craft in the process.

Unfortunately, this is due to a limitation on the part of the game engine. The only fix I can see is make it so that bottles break down into the same number of components used to craft them, but mass crafting bottles is still annoying to do, as you'll just be breaking down crafting the same bottle over and over without any spare glass to use otherwise. Until I figure out another workaround, it's probably just best to place your empty bottles in a non-workshop container before crafting more. Sorry about that.

Requirements and Compatibility

For now, this requires all official Bethesda DLC to work (though nothing from the Creation Club, for obvious reasons.) However, I can provide versions lacking certain DLC requirements upon request, and they’ll be added to the “Optional Downloads” section when they are made.

Probably compatible with Fallout 4 VR? I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't be. I can't confirm this fully until someone with a VR setup has tested, of course.

Looking into what PS4 and Xbone versions would require me to do, but this is super low priority. Probably won't actually set these up until specifically requested. UPDATE: Xbox One version now available! Find it in Fallout 4's mod... menu... thingy. It's there, I promise, it works and everything!

Nearly fully-compatible with Reptileye's Immersive Canteens mod!

Any other mods you’d like to see made compatible, you’ll need to request, but most things should be fine—expect added recipes to require Water, Pre-War or Water, Dirty instead of Distilled Water until then, however.