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FROST Cell Fixes (FCF) is the AIO successor of my previously released FROST Interior and Exterior Cell Fixes. A rebuild of the previsibines for the whole game with FROST in mind, and adding a ton of bug fixes both for vanilla and FROST.

Permissions and credits

FROST Cell Fixes (FCF), and Interior Cell Fixes and Exterior Cell Fixes before, was born out of discontent with the then available fixes for the broken previs and precombines (previsibines henceforth), resulting from FROST's overhaul. Jacq Frost used the antiquated roombounds for interiors that was partial (and poorly) implemented in Fallout 4, and was bloated with a bunch of other changes I did not care for. FROST Unofficial Boston FPS Fix did a better job for the exteriors, but in the process reverted many of FROST's changes by reintroducing vanilla previsibines. So I took it up me to redo all previsibines for all cells and world spaces, relevant to the FROST universum.
But there it didn't end. By starting to fix long overdue bugs, like the impassable stone arc and invisible manhole, it became a much bigger bug fixing project, including also vanilla bugs not (yet) covered by UFO4P.

What this mod does:

  • Rebuild previsibines for all cells and world spaces, resulting in a performance boost (moar FPS, yes)
  • Removal of all left over signs and graffiti related to the vanilla factions and locations
  • Plugging countless previs holes
  • Some LOD fixes
  • Retexture of BoS and Gunners barricades
  • A multitude of seams, misaligned objects, clipping, z-fighting, etc
  • water audio bugs
  • Cleaned up Faneuil Hall exteriors
  • Modified Covenant entrance and fixed miscolored landscape
  • And more...

But not all of this is my own doing, but a collaboration of efforts by various people. Since v2.0 of ICF, every new release was built on the foundation of BenRierimanu's Previs Repair Pack (PRP). For a great deal of vanilla fixes, kudos should go to BenRierimanu and his contributors. 

Just like PRP, these mods are also integrated in FCF:

And further also integrated:

These can be uninstalled, in case you had these already installed. And yes, PRP itself is also not needed/compatible with FCF.

The same instructions apply to FCF, as for its predecessors. Install with a mod manager of choice (MO2 or Vortex that is). Manual install is NOT advisable, NMM and FOMM are history and Kortex I never tried. Wrye Bash might work too.
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch and the unholy trinity FROST | FROST Official Updates (Redux) | FROST+ are hard requirements!

FCF's plugins should be last in your load order! No exception, unless you are proficient enough with xEdit to check for  conflicts.
Mods that can and should be loaded after FCF:

Any mod that requires FO4's previsibines system to be disabled, like scrap mods, are not compatible!

FCF does the same as PRP, so FCF and PRP should not be used together! PRP > vanilla, FCF > FROST.

Available Patches:

A huge shout out, praise and glory hallelujah to BenRierimanu for all his help, support, advise and patience! His PRP should be a staple in everyone's non FROST mod setup! Please give him kudos, endorsements, all your money and immortal fame!
Same for all the people who contributed to PRP, and thus indirectly to FCF: VlitS, Glitchfinder, feeddanoob, VishVadeva50, CyberDanz, and everyone at the Collective Modding discord or Nexus forums.
Extra thanks & love to SeargeDP & pra for all the essential scripts!

Special thanks to everyone who keeps me motivated: Red, BSJ, Old'Un, grewdawg, Argonn, Alison, Patchmaster, Cryss, and everyone else at the FROST discord. And especially those that donated, very much appreciated!

Please endorse the mods, and their authors, that have been integrated: