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About this mod

This mod continues the development of the FROST Survival Simulator from Naugrim04, with bug fixes, removal of oversights, balancing, and the addition of new things (Hallucinations system, journals, items,...).

Permissions and credits
This mod is deprecated, outdated and not supported anymore.
Do not use this mod anymore!
This mod has been merged into the Frost Official Updates (Redux) mod
, which will be released on the 28. November between 19:30 and 20:00 PM (Central European Time, CET)

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If you update this mod, take a look at the update instructions.
This mod is not compatible with Fallout 4 VR!
Only version 0.9.3 is still compatible with Fallout 4 VR, newer versions are not. Read this for more information.

This mod continues the development of FROST.  This mod is designed to be used together with Frost Plus, Frost Nuka-World and the Frost Cell fixes.
This mod makes FROST more balanced and removes certain exploits and oversights. It makes FROST harder in some aspects, but tweaks FROST in other ways to give the player more choices and possibilities.


  • A Hallucination System
  • New perks + changes to existing perks to enable more character builds
  • New items
  • New journals, stories, terminals and notes
  • Balance changes
  • Adds content that was originally planned to be added to FROST
  • Fixes a ton of bugs in FROST
  • Fixes a lot of oversights of FROST (mainly in regards to vanilla terminals and notes)
  • Compatible with all body replacers
  • And a lot more! It took several hundreds hours to make this mod, so it does a lot of stuff
The features are described closer in the Article Section.

Install this mod with a mod manager of your choice, I recommend to use MO2.
If you are making a FROST load order, it is mandatory that you read this FROST Modding Guide


You can also donate through Nexus to support me.

- Naugrim04 (Dude, you are fucking awesome!)
- The FROST Discord squad (you guys rock!)
- JACQ for changes and ideas that she made in JACQ FROST
- abah for checking the notes and journals
- Crosstieger for the Doctors Bag assets
- jacknifelee for the child outfits
- Abbalovesyou for the child headgear meshes
- dinosgamez for the Survival Guide retextures
- deleted150604 for the synth armor retextures
- Xerophthalmia for the new gas mask textures
- HoneyDrops for the bear armor mesh fix
- Special thanks to Gourmetrix for the Nucleus Overhaul
- GhanimaAtreides for the Red Alliance Retexture
- Veav for the skeleton .nif models
- HalcyonAndOn for renaming certain notes with too generic names
- meigong119 for the killmove and melee changes
- Defalt for the Winterized Gunner Outfits
- DesertRanger111 and Rigell for editing the Gunner Outfits, making or reworking textures, meshes, and for being awesome
Rigell for the glasshouse meshes, textures and scripts
- XenonsSpork for the Travis Begone soundfiles
- DeathWrench for the muted Travis introductions
- fadingsignal for the Military MREs assets