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"It snowed! I love snow; it makes everything beautiful. Not like that horrible black rain; It took half my hair last time; half of what was left anyway; It's more like scabs now. I hate the rain! ... and people too! Especially those cultists cannibals up north; they took my arm last month; but I'll get them. I hope it snows more soon." - Survivor.

Permissions and credits
Simple Retexture for FROST. (Now without any snow in interior cells - where it makes sense).

Some textures have been reused (with permission), lots have been remade from scratch. It aims to bring a more vibrant set of winter textures to Frost
and is loosely inspired by The Long Dark.

The textures themselves are based on and expanded upon Flecked's Winter Redone, who was kind enough to allow me to publish this mod. Check Flecked other mods, in particular Winter Commonwealth Pines, which is the perfect addition to have along with It Snowed (as you'll see in the screenshots).

They are loose files (needed to work with FROST) so, use a mod manager or backup your data before installing it.

In addition to the winter textures, this mod mutes all ambient sounds of insects and cicadas because well ... it's winter.

It also has the benefit of fixing most (if not all) of Frost's black terrain textures.

The latest version now has immersive snowy interiors for buildings with dilapidated roofs.

Load Order:
  • FROST - It Snowed
  • Winter Commonwealth Pines
This mod is the first step in a series of projects inspired by The Long Dark. The next project will be a simple snowy weather mod for Frost.

version 1.2:
  • Added snow in Fallons Department Store, Gnn Plaza, Boston Public Library and a few other minor locations. 
version 1.1:
  • Tweak grass density in the marsh
  • Added more snowy plants and mosses
  • Fixed the issue where some warehouses' windows were white
  • Removed snow in 20+ cells (Most subways should be clear of snow, but there are probably still a few other locations with snow. Let me know if you find any and I will update the mod). These changes should not break precombines anywhere.
  • Adds snow to interiors with a broken roof (Cambridge polymer, Museum of Freedom, Arcjet, Vim HQ, Hardware town, Fort Strong)

Potential issue with v1.1:
  • If you are NOT using Frost interior cell fixes, you may run into issues where some Frost cells contain vanilla stuff. I fixed that issue for the third rail but there may be others. Quick solution: use Frost interior cell fixes (load after "It Snowed"), or let me know and I might be able to solve it and update. 

Feedback (and bug report) is more than welcomed.