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Gives the Dragonborn Gallery from the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod a look similar to the Blue Palace from Extravagant Interiors - Solitude

Permissions and credits
It does what the description says. Here are some of my thoughts and design choices made before and during mod creation:
  • Overhauls basically every cell in the Dragonborn Gallery to match the interior theme of Extravagant Blue Palace
  • Rooms currently changed include Hall of Heroes, East Exhibit Halls, Armory, Library, Natural Science Gallery, Dragonborn Hall, Hall of Secrets, and Hall of Wonders
  • Safehouse does also have slight modifications due to the universal nature of architecture statics, but is not fully complete.
  • Planetarium not included. (According to Auryen, a leak in the tower caused the wood structure inside to rot. And Madras sure is not gonna spend more time making it look pretty instead of functional)
  • Many of the texture choices are taken straight from Extravagant Interiors' palette choices. Many of its replaced model's use straight 1:1 texture replaces so so did I. While this may cause things to look overly designed or tacky, I feel like it is a look that grows on the player.
  • (As the 1.0 release, I am expecting a non-zero amount of bugs or oddities, I am but a humble person and even though I can retexture a whole building, I do not feel adequate to be wary of possible mistakes, feel free to comment on any weirdness you may come across. Even personal feedback will be appreciated.)
  • {Might post some more later if I can remember}

-A patch is provided for the Additional hall
-Patches available for Skyrim's Unique Treasures and Zim's

  • Throw into your competent mod manager of choice
  • Install
  • Load after masters
  • Profit

Known issues (to be handled soon™)
  • Safehouse wip


Since the mod is a mashup of meshes and textures by different people, I do not feel like I can give adequate permission for current use.
Meshes came from Legacy of the Dragonborn which's permissions work on a "ask for permission" basis
Textures came from Extravagant Interiors: Solitude and Extravagant Interiors - Solitude 4K and are usable on a "Free to use, but credit in description" basis
I guess the plugin could be considered my work. Do whatever you want with it as longs as it won't put me in jail or something.