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A few patches to make the "Scribes of Skyrim" mod compatible with CACO, CCOR, and Odin.

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The Scribes of Skyrim - a font extension mod by azazel1125 does an excellent job of breathing some fresh life into the various books and notes found throughout Skyrim. However, the mod isn't fully compatible with various popular mods that also edit Book records (particularly the Full - Name and DESC - Book Text fields). I've made a few patches that for now cover Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO), Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered (CCOR), and Odin.

Basically, these patches merge the changes between the designated mods, applying the font customization from Scribes of Skyrim while retaining content changes made by the other mod (such as different recipe text from CACO). As of this writing, the Scribes of Skyrim mod requires Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE (LOTD), so I've carried over those changes where applicable as well.

For the Odin patch, recommended load order is as follows:

Scribes of Skryim
Odin and Scribes of Skyrim Patch

For the CACO + CCOR patch, recommended load order is as follows (you can also grab individual CACO or CCOR patches):

Legacy of the Dragonborn
LOTD Official CCOR patch
LOTD Official CACO patch
Scribes of Skyrim
CACO+CCOR and Scribes of Skyrim Patch