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Does just about everything, most other needs mods do but with only 1 small script and was designed to be lightweight on you system. Alcohol will get you drunk (with visuals), you need to sleep, stay hydrated, and eat, you need meat and fruit in your diet. Vampires only need to sleep, water can be gathered from wells Werewolves supported.

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-An Immersive Needs Mod for the Conscientious Modder-

Needs mods out there today for me do too much with dozens of different unnecessary huge scripts, or too invasive. This mod does just about everything those mods do but in 1 simple small script. This mod is lightweight, easy on your system, and ensures the best game performance and compatibility with other mods. As of Version 1.1 Vampires no longer require food or drink but they still require sleep. As of version 6.5 Werewolves and cannibals (using the ring of Namira) are supported too and their needs will be met when they feed.

Xbox and other council users Please follow this link for the official port on

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Please see the video below for any questions or concerns regarding this mods effects
At 5:51 I showcase how my mod is different from other needs mods out there

Power Commands and Cooking:
  • As of version 20.x+ users now will be able to type the command "set cleancookingmenu to 1" to clean the entire cooking menu so that it only displays food you can cook based on the food in your inventory. This option is disabled by default but can be enabled by typing the command.
  • A cookbook has been created and added to Skyrim as of version 23.0+ the book details how to make every recipie and what benefits each food item provides - this is for users like me who use the command above to clean the cooking menu.
  • As of Version 20.x+ users can now create a "Charred" variant of all meat complete with a custom texture.
  • As of Version 20.x+ raw Skeever meat was added can be cooked into Skeever meat to eat OR charred hide for alchemy
  • As of Version 20.x+ if you use the water add-on with this mod then stews and soups will require water as a extra ingredient to create the strew or soup.
  • As of Version 20.x+ mushrooms that heal you will also provide nourishment as a meat making this mod potentially vegan or vegetarian friendly. Mushrooms that poison you will not count as food.

Racial Food Adaptations
  • As of version 23.0+ I have added racial adaptations. Bosmer, Argonians, and Kajiit can eat raw meat without a penalty. Other races will still get a penalty for eating raw meat. That said this can also be turned off like a switch if you like so that Bosmer, ARgonians, and Kajiit get a penalty when eating raw meat by typing the command, "set RacialFoodImmunity to 0".

  • Third person non evasive messages will display when you are hungry, thirsty, etc.
  • As of version 6.1 there is now hourly reminders with a sound effect when you have a need that is not being met reminding you of your negative detriment and your need to eat etc. This eliminates the need for a wedget system cleaning up the HUDto be less intrusive but still remind the user about their needs.

  • You will get hungry every 6 hours and will be notified that you are getting hungry after 5 hours. This will result in needing to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
-When hungry output damage is reduced by 25% and stamina recovers 50% slower. You will be too
  hungry and weak to hit your enemies at full strength.

  • After 3 and half days without consuming meat you will be notified that you are becoming anemic, after 4 days without meat you will be anemic.
-When anemic power attacks will cost 25% more stamina and stamina will recover 50% slower. Without  iron your red blood  cell count is down and you are in a weakened state.
  • After 3 and a half days without consuming fruits or vegetables you will be notified that you are getting scurvy, after 4 days without fruit or vegetables you will have scurvy. 
-Damage taken is increased by 25% and health regeneration is reduced by 85%. Scurvy gives you open sores and
 wounds all over your body, and your body will take longer to heal.

  • Raw meat will make make the player 10% weaker to poisons for 5 real time minutes and reduce stamina regeneration for 5 real time minutes.
-When sick your body is weakened from fighting off the bacteria infection thus you will be weaker to poisons and 
 your upset stomach makes moving around difficult.

  • You will get thirst every 6 hours and will be notified that you are getting thirsty after 5 hours. This will result in needing to have a drink with breakfast lunch and dinner.
-When thirsty buying items will cost you 25% more and Speechcraft is reduced by 10. Vendors will see your cracked lips and  hear your hoarse voice, they know they have leverage.
  • Water can be obtained from any well in skryim. the water provides a small stamina buff but is otherwise worthless since water from wells is freely available. As of version 6.0 water taken from wells will now appear as a waterskin. To keep the script light I am only providing wells as a source of water - for lore reasons you could rationalize this as spring fed wells are a safer source of water then from streams.
-Water obtained from wells is a completely optional file you do not need this file if you don't want it. 
  • Weak alcoholic drinks are cheap, will not get you drunk, and will quench your thirst, soups, stews etc will also quench your thirst.
-When drinking a weak alcoholic drink, your speech skill will be increased by 5% and you will regenerate
  Magicka 5% slower then normal. A little alcohol loosens your lips and makes more friends, but it clouds your judgement slightly.

  • Strong alcoholic drinks will not quench your thirst and can easily be identified by its expensive price.
-When drinking a strong alcoholic drink you become drunk which will result in a altered visual effect, 20
 pound increased carry capacity, 10% frost resistance, but you will recover Magicka 10% slower then normal. A lot
 of alcohol alters your vision, makes you feel stronger then ever, and you wont feel the bite of the cold, but you
 mind is muddled.

  • Skooma now has a withdraw effect that will reduce magicka regeneration for 8 real time minutes.
-During withdraw your magicka regeneration is servery impacted, you cannot think straight due to the worst
 hangover of your life.

  • You will become tired every 23 hours, and you will be notified that you are becoming tired after 14. This will result in needing to sleep at 12am if you wake up at 8am, but you will not incur a detriment until you have gone 23 hours without sleep. You will be notified that you are tired at 14 hours which as stated before would be at 12am if you woke up at 8am.
-When tired skills will improve 25% slower and Magicka recovers 50% slower. You are too tired to concentrate and
 too tired to learn anything new.

New Food Items
  • Wolves, bears, boars, and other animals which did not drop meat in the vanilla game will now drop meat and can be used in new recipes.

Immersive Food Item Pricing and Animal Pelt Pricing

  • Food item prices as well as animal pelt prices have been increased for better immersion and balancing. It pays to be a hunter, and it will be harder to buy meat and other rare food items meant for the rich.

Vampire Needs
  • As of update 1.1 Vampires now only require sleep, they do not require food or drink. Vampires can live off blood alone and do not need fruit etc. to live, and are not susceptible to scurvy or anemia.

Werewolf and Cannibal Needs
  • As of update 6.5 Werewolves will have their needs met when they feed on the living. Feeding on the dead will satisfy hunger and counts as eating meat. This effect also works for cannibals who use the ring of Namira.

Sound Effects
  • As of update 6.0 I now provide the option to have needs based sound effects for Hunger (stomach growl), Tiredness (yawn), and illness (productive cough), and thirst (throat clearing) in both male and female voice. Users will also have the option to select no sound effects if they want.

Talking on compatibility please understand that this mod as long as its placed below mods that alter vanilla food items will always work as intended without patching required. I provide patches which really only just add my keyword to new food items a few popular mods add to the game. That said any new mods not covered by my patches that add new food items to the game will be compatible with my mod - the new food items just wont provide nourishment without my keywords that's all.

Some Specific Call-outs to Show You How Compatible this Mod is:

  • Mods that alter leveled lists such as You hunger are highly recommended and completely compatible. 
  • There is a Skytest patch available in the FOMOD installer, Please note that a Skytest patch is not needed if you use the new SkyTEST - Lite mode created by me. SkyTEST Light is highly recommended but not needed.
  • Better Harvesting works out of the box with my mod no patch needed
  • Immersive merchants is compatible and recommended its a great mod.
  • Beyond Skryim Burma, is compatible. Burma re-uses all vanilla assets which will all have my keywords thus food there will feed/hydrate you.
  • Hunter-born patch is now available and is compatible with the Hunterborn MCM menu mod. All main file food items now have my keywords and will provide the user with nourishment. Please note however the Hunterborn optional file which adds 7000 soups is not covered by this patch.
  • Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul Patch Available.
  • Frostfall compatible by default
  • VR Compatible you wont have issues with this mod.
  • Timescale mods have no impact on this mod and are compatible. This mod uses the skyrim clock so 4 hours is 4 hours. how fast 4 hours passes is up to you based on your Timescale.
  • Open Cities is compatible - however if you use my well water add-on you will not be able to get water from some of the wells in the walled off cities (i.e. cities like Whiterun). There is nothing I can do about that- that mod deletes the entire cell and replicates a vanilla only version of that cell. All other wells in forts or in the woods or in cities that are not in a closed interior cells (i.e. Cites like Falkreath) will still work with that mod. 
  • All mods that alter Cities are completely compatible with the water add-on and with the main mod.

Other Optional Patches:
  • Mealtime and Immersive Needs patch can be found here
  • Skyrim Alchemy Fixed and Immersive Needs patch can be found here
  • Immersive Needs and Better Animal loot patch can be found (likely no longer needed as of version 20x) here
  • AuraCrimson's Pataches (provides countless patches for Immersive Needs and new Food Item mods) found here
  • Immersive Needs and Bottles of Skyrim Patch found here
  • Additional patches found under the requirements tab of my mod page

Use a mod manager to install the mod and load this mod with high priority putting it at the end of your load order. I have noticed that loot tends to load Immersive Needs as low priority so please ensure Immersive Needs is loaded with high priority setting it near the bottom of your load order as I mentioned before. Setting this mod lower in your load order will ensure it works without issue nothing else required on your part. For me personally for example I have the following load order at the bottom:

-Immersive Needs
-Immersive Needs Drinking Water
-Immersive Needs - Campfire Synergy
-Immersive Citizens
-Realistic Water 2
-Paper World Map
-Dyndolod (patched for paper wold map)

  • None - Enjoy a lightweight needs mod that has 0 negative impact on your game with 0 bugs.

Special Thanks
  • Special thanks to volvaga0for allowing me to use his waterskin mesh and texture.