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Improves Naming, Stats, Enchantments, Distribution, Balance and Compatibility for Cloaks of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
  • French
List of Changes
  • Dawnguard Addon integrated (you should remove all esps that come after installing Cloaks of Skyrim)
  • Eslified (this will break existing safe games and patches! do not use unless starting fresh)
  • Cloaks have been renamed for more immersive experience (burlap -> coarse, linen -> fine, removed material from name where it made sense, no more hyphens). 
  • All instances of the spinning wheel (was used for crafting linen and burlap version) removed.
  • All instances of hand placed cloaks that can also be found via outfits (guard cloaks, forsworn, dawnguard, stormcloak, imperial...) have been removed. This reduces the need for many patches that affect interiors such as JK's collection). Also you will no longer get annoyed finding randomly dropped cloaks (such as in Dragonsreach). 
  • Duplicate unique cloaks removed
  • All unique cloaks do no longer respawn when they are picked up and do not count as being stolen.
  • Cloaks weight and values have been adjusted to be more appropriate
  • Cloaks now make sounds when picking up / dropping
  • Cloaks are no longer enchanted (outsourced to thaumaturgy optional patch)
  • Cloaks can no longer be enchanted (balance)
  • Inventory model show cloaks as clothing now rather then necklaces
  • The book "Fryssa the Wide's Nordic Tailoring" can no longer found or crafted
  • Cloaks are now fully distributed via Outfit changes instead of chances to vanilla level lists for maximum mod compatibility.
  • Cloaks can no longer be crafted (consistency with other clothing items in the game) but purchased at Radiant Raiments.

Thaumaturgy Addon
  • All unique cloaks do have one of the armor enchantments found in vanilla and thaumaturgy on the lowest amplitude.
  • Flavor descriptions for unique cloaks removed in favor of displaying the enchanted effects.
  • Random Enchanted Cloaks can be found with the Resist Fire/Frost/Shock/Poison/Disease Enchantments and Fortify Magicka/Stamina/Health Rate.

  • Install Cloaks of Skyrim first, then remove all esps (Cloaks.esp, Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp, Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp).
  • (Optional) If installing HTD-SMP physics install Artesian Cloaks of Skyrim (any version) and remove Cloaks_SMP_Patch.esp.
  • (Optional) If installing LOTD official patch let this mod overwrite DBM_CloaksofSkyrim_Patch.esp.

Compatibility & Patches

Not compatible with 3rd party plugins that depend on the original esps. Your game will crash right before the main menu if you try to (on purpose).
Cloaks.esp has been purposely renamed to Cloaks of Skyrim.esp to prevent less experienced users to accidentally corrupt their game by not reading the mod description carefully. 

If you made any patches for this I am happy to upload them here, just let me know.

Added Patches for
No patches needed for:

(* I do not support CCOR taking over distribution handling of cloaks but if someone makes a patch, i am happy to host it) 

Most other patches that you used to have should be no longer needed.

Nazenn for Cloaks of Skyrim
DrMonopsTobesTobelle and TheTrueDovahki1n for providing patches
Darkladylexy for inspiration on consistency changes