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Improved Daedric Artifacts v1.3
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Put this mod as low in your load order as you possibly can to avoid other mods overwriting things like gold value and item descriptions!

This mod is meant to increase the power of all Daedric Artifacts (besides Azura's Star and the Skeleton Key for obvious reasons) whilst retaining balance and remaining lore friendly. Each change was done carefully to ensure that these items do not become immensely overpowered, however it is possible that I've overlooked some changes on the features of some of them. I will be revisiting this mod in the future to address any of these possible issues.

Most artifacts will now benefit from the Daedric Smithing perk while being sharpened or fitted. Most upgrades will now cost 1 Ebony Ingot and 1 Daedra heart. Almost every artifact has also been given infinite enchantment charge. Descriptions for each artifact have been altered to give a better idea of what each enchantment does.


Original Base Damage: 12 
New Base Damage: 17 
Original Critical Hit Rate: 1.0 
Critical Hit Damage Bonus: 4 
Enchantment: Fire Damage, Meridia's Flame 
Original Enchantment Strength: 10(fire) 
New Enchantment Strength: 20(fire) 
Value: 5000 
Notes: Little changes were necessary here. Damage was increased in order to keep the blade ahead of other one handed swords like Chillrend.

Ebony Blade 
Original Base Damage: 11 
New Base Damage: 17
Original Critical Hit Rate: 1.0 
Critical Hit Damage Bonus: 10 
Original Enchantment Strength: 10(Absorb Health) +4 for every 2 friendly NPCs killed up to a total of 10 murders for 30(Absorb Health)
New Enchantment Strength: 10(Absorb Health) +4 for every 2 friendly NPCs killed up to a total of 10 murders to 30(Absorb Health) as well as 10(Damage Health) +4 for every 2 friendly NPCs killed up to a total of 10 murders for 30(Damage Health).
Value: 3500 
Notes: In order to remain lore friendly, I had to find a way to make Ebony Blade stronger without allowing it to be reforged. The solution was adding a damage health enchantment that levels up as you upgrade the blade through murdering friendly NPCs.

Mace of Molag Bal 
Original Base Damage: 16 
New Base Damage: 17 
Original Critical Hit Rate: 1.0 
New Critical Hit Rate: 1.2 
Critical Hit Damage Bonus: 15 
Enchantment: Stamina damage, Magicka damage, Soul Trap 
Original Enchantment Strength: 25(stamina), 25(magicka), 3s(trap) 
New Enchantment Strength: 25(stamina), 25(magicka), 10s(trap) 
Value: 3000 
Notes: Little had to be changed on this one, however being that it is a gigantic mace I decided to make it cause more severe critical damage more often. The soul trap duration bonus is for quality of life.

Rueful Axe 
Original Base Damage: 22 
New Base Damage: 27 
Enchantment: Stamina damage, Absorb health 
Original Enchantment Strength: 20(stamina) 
New Enchantment Strength: 15(stamina), 5(health) 
Value: 2500 
Notes: For those who don't want the Masque, I made the Rueful Axe a worthy alternative. Though it isn't really a Daedric Artifact, it is a gift from a Daedric Prince and as such should be treated as an armament that is a cut above the norm.

Mehrunes' Razor 
Original Base Damage: 11 
New Base Damage: 13 
Original Critical Hit Rate: 1.0 
New Critical Hit Rate: 1.25 
Critical Hit Damage Bonus: 2 
Original Enchantment Strength: 1.98% chance to instantly kill on strike
New Enchantment Strength: 1.98% chance to instantly kill and Banish Summoned Daedra on strike
Value: 6000 
Notes: The dagger now critically hits more often. I did not alter its instant kill chances, however I did add a Banish Summoned Daedra enchantment to it to comply with the dagger's lore (note that you will see a message indicating that any non-Daedra target resists the dagger's enchantment: this is for the Banish effect only, instant kill chance is unaffected).

Sanguine Rose 
Enchantment: Summon Daedra 
Original Enchantment Strength: 1 minute 
New Enchantment Strength: 10 minutes 
Value: 5000 
Notes: A minute long summon duration is pretty pitiful, 10 minutes is more befitting to such a powerful artifact. Due to the nature of this item, I have left its enchantment cost in place but decreased it to a flat 50 points per use, allowing for 60 uses before it needs to be recharged.

Skull of Corruption 
Original Base Damage: 2 
New Base Damage: 4 
Enchantment: Additional damage
Original Enchantment Strength: 20(uncharged), 50(charged) 
New Enchantment Strength: 30(uncharged), 70(charged) 
Value: 4000 
Notes: Increased the amount of damage that the staff deals to make it more useful when compared to other staves. 

Original Base Damage: 25 
New Base Damage: 29 
Critical Hit Damage Bonus: 7 
Enchantment: Absorb Stamina 
Original Enchantment Strength: 50 
New Enchantment Strength: 50 
Value: 3500 
Notes: Volendrung is already a powerful artifact, so little adjustment was needed here. Its base damage has been adjusted to be a bit higher than that of a Daedric Warhammer while its critical hit damage has been brought from 0 to 7.

Original Base Damage: 27 
New Base Damage: 35 
Critical Hit Damage Bonus: 2 
Enchantment: Random Effect, I did not change this at all. 
Value: 5000 
Notes: Wabbajack is a weird item, and needed minimal adjustments. It's mostly here for fun and thematic purposes.

Armors and Accessories

Ebony Mail 
Original Base Armor: 45 
New Base Armor: 52 (HEAVY), 38 (LIGHT)
Original Weight: 28
New Weight: 21 (HEAVY), 12 (LIGHT)
Enchantment: Sneak enhancement, Poison aura 
Original Enchantment Strength: 5 Poison damage(aura) 
New Enchantment Strength: 7 Poison damage(aura) 
Value: 7500 
Notes: As this armor is likely to be used by sneaky types, I decided to decrease its weight a little. Other changes are fairly minor, the armor upgrade being implemented to keep it somewhat competetive with other armor options.

Masque of Clavicus Vile 

Original Base Armor: 23 
New Base Armor: 25 
Enchantment: Enhanced barter prices, Fortify Speech, Magicka Regen 
Original Enchantment Strength: 20%(barter), 10(speech), 5/s(magicka) 
New Enchantment Strength: 25%(barter), 25(speech), 7/s(magicka) 
Value: 5000 
Notes: The Masque has always been a powerful relic in the Elder Scrolls franchise, and the original stats left it a bit under its usual grandeur. I buffed up its social benefits significantly as well as improving the combat benefits by a minor amount.

Ring of Namira 
Original Base Armor: 0 
New Base Armor: 0 
Enchantment: Fortify Stamina, Increased HP and HP Regen after eating a corpse 
Original Enchantment Strength: 50(stamina), +50 health for 5 minutes, +50% health regen for 5 minutes
New Enchantment Strength: 60(stamina), +50 health for 5 minutes, +50% health regen for 5 minutes
Value: 3000 
Notes: I left the Cannibalism trait alone and increased the stamina bonus by 20% while adding a small armor bonus to the ring.

Savior's Hide 
Original Base Armor: 26 
New Base Armor: 35 
Enchantment: Magic resist, Poison resist 
Original Enchantment Strength: 15%(magic), 50%(poison) 
New Enchantment Strength: 20%(magic), 75%(poison) 
Value: 7500 
Notes: Increased its defensive properties in addition to altering its upgrade materials compared to most of these other artifacts in order to make things more thematic. Requires 1 Bear Pelt and 1 Daedra Heart.

Hircine's Ring
Original Base Armor: 0 
New Base Armor: 0
Enchantment: Fortify Health, Fortify Stamina, Fortify Resist Disease, Health Regen, Extra Werewolf Transformations 
Original Enchantment Strength: 100%(werewolf) 
New Enchantment Strength: 20(health), 20(stamina), 10(disease), +5%(regen), 100%(werewolf) 
Value: 3000 
Notes: Added additional werewolf-like stats. Did not alter the additional werewolf transformation parameter and did not adjust the cursed ring in any way.

Original Base Armor: 38 
New Base Armor: 27 
Enchantment: Magic ward when blocking 
Original Enchantment Strength: 50 
New Enchantment Strength: 75 
Value: 3000
Notes: The spellbreaker is an anti-magic shield. I have adjusted its stats to reflect this: it now prevents 75% of magic damage, however its armor rating has been brought down below Daedric Shield. 

Oghma Infinitum 
Original Effect: +5 to attributes based on which path you choose 
New Effect: +7 to attributes based on which path you choose
Value: 9999

-Removed various erroneous edits and a duplicate magic effect.

-Removed erroneous workbench and grindstone.
-Fixed description of Savior's Hide to indicate the correct Magic Resist value.
-Added an alternate version of the mod which changes Ebony Mail to Light Armor and adjusts stats accordingly.
-Fixed the Banish Summoned Daedra enchantment on Mehrunes' Razor to work on summoned daedra over level 1. Oops.

-Fixed various bugs and prevented some overwrites.
-Reduced the armor rating on Ring of Hircine and Ring of Namira from 3 to 0.
-Fixed the test value on Ebony Blade's base damage health enchantment from 200 to 10. Oops.

1.0: Initial release.

==Comments, Concerns, and Suggestions==
Are all welcome, please leave any feedback in the comment section and I'll try to address it as necessary.

Thank you.