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This mod includes higher resolution and higher quality textures of all armor, clothing, robes and trinkets from the popular Legacy of the Dragonborn mod.

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Little note about future work: CLICK

This mod contains AI-based upscales and cleans of every single armor, clothing and jewelry piece from Legacy of the Dragonborn.
The goal of my upscales is to provide a better in-game experience for those who have graphically enhanced their Skyrim with mods. The textures I upscaled fit very well with other high resolution textures.

 - Legacy of the Dragonborn

You can easily download the new textures via MO2 (recommended) or Vortex. (Nexus Mod Manager is not supported. Use at your own risk!) To make them visible in the game, you must allow my files to overwrite Legacy of the Dragonborn. Since this mod only contains textures, you can also install/uninstall it midgame.

There will be more projects like this coming soon. I also plan on reworking other Legacy of the Dragonborn textures, like, for example Weapons and architecture. The whole thing is really time-consuming because I do not just let the AI do everything. I pay closer attention to every single file to make it look nice. If you are excited for my future projects, you could track my profile to not miss anything. There will be uploaded first teasers in the upcoming days.

icecreamassassin and all people who worked on this brilliant mod.

This is just a little list of all of the tools I used to get the textures which you are able to download.
Adobe Photoshop CC
NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter
- ESRGAN/Image Enhancing Utility
Cathedral Assets Optimizer