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Skyrim Port To SE For Aetherium Forge Crafting of Power Armor And Powered Weapons to Skyrim

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Skyrim Port to SE For Aetherium Forge Crafting of Power Armor and Powered Weapons to Skyrim

Above-the-Fold Notes
  • Bug tab is disabled for public use. Use the discussion tab to ask questions. If something truly is a bug, it will be moved to the bug tab and addressed. 
  • No further updates to this mod are planned.
  • Because SSEEdit requires form ids to be compacted in order to be flagged ESL, this mod will only be offered as an ESP. If we were to provide an ESPFE version with compacted form ids, it would break any other mods that depend on this mod. Please don’t ask for ESPFE for the reasons stated here. If you absolutely must have the mod be ESPFE, please refer to this document “ESLify (A Guide to ESL Flag Your Plugins And Maintain Your Plugin Limit)” to safely convert to ESPFE within your own mod list.
  • This will not break compatibility with the Legacy of the Dragonborn Official Patches. I myself use Legacy of the Dragonborn and would not have posted the latest version if it broke compatibility. 

Reported Problems by Users -- IF YOU USE PERK OVERHAULS, THIS MEANS YOU!
It can't be overstated. Some mods don't play well with others.
  • Adamant - A Perk Overhaul -- even with smithing at 100 and all perks earned, you will be unable to craft the enchanted armor and bolt rifle.
  • Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered -- "There is a patch available at kryptopyr's Patch Hub, which LOOT will recommend you get if you have both this mod and CCOR installed. With that patch installed, the requirement to craft aetherium equipment is Orcish Smithing (and of course having those recipes visible with CCOR's filters). This is IN ADDITION TO having Arcane Blacksmith and having completed Unfathomable Depths as per the base mod. If you use Ordinator in addition to CCOR, the Orcish Smithing perk corresponds to picking Expert Smithing in Ordinator (level 50 perk) and choosing Orcish (or equivalent if you're using some other mod which further changes Ordinator perks). "
  • Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim -- "Commenting for people with Ordinator Mod I just tested it myself with the Ordinator Mod, Meric Smithing on the left (Choose Dwarven) and Arcane Blacksmith."
  • "Vokriinator" -- A long while back, someone mentioned having problems with "Vokriinator". I couldn't find that mod by that name and the poster never wrote back. Someone recently added some context. "It was that person's way of saying they are using both "Vokrii" and "Ordinator" with a patch that isn't recognized by the creator of those mods.  Which is something you really aren't supposed to do, because both of those mods do the same thing(overhaul the perk system, Vokrii is by the same mod author and is their new current take on streamlining their old mods more) so their problem was most likely a problem with using both of those, and not this mod specifically."

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Q: Where do I forge the weapons, armor, and ingots?
A: At the Aetherium Forge. It is the only place where you can forge these items.

Q: Why can't I forge Power Armor or the Bolt Launchers?
A: You need to first complete the Unfathomable Depths quest. Also you need to have the "arcane blacksmith" smithing perk.

Q: How do I get aetherium bolts?
A: You need to have dwarven bolts, lootable off of dwemer spheres and centurions. Depending on your mods and how far you progressed through the Dawnguard side quests, you may also be able to craft them at the Dawnguard smithy.

Q: I can't start the Unfathomable Depths quest!
A: "From-Deepest-Fathoms will not appear until the Dragonborn has reached level 14."

Q: Will this break compatibility with Legacy of the Dragonborn?
A: No. I've verified that for myself many times. The form ids are exactly the same, meaning that any mod that depends on this will still work.

Q: Can I add or delete this mod in the middle of a playthrough? 
A: Please don't. You shouldn't be adding or deleting mods in the middle of a new playthrough. 

Q: "Do I really need to have finished 'Unfathomable Depths'?"
A: Yes. If you want the power armor and rifle. There's no way around it. 

Q: "Why can't I forge power armor" (or ingots, etc.)
A: It's a good idea to have all the prerequisite steps taken care of before you head to the Aetherium Forge: (1) you need the "arcane blacksmith" perk in order to forge anything at the Aetherium Forge, and (2) you need to have finished the "Unfathomable Depths" quest in order to forge power armor and rifle. These are hard prerequisites.

Q: Will there be a Bodyslide option?
A: Not from me. That's beyond my skill set. I've seen mod authors create Bodyslide patches for other mods that they didn't author, where the original mod is marked as a required mod dependency. If that's your inclination, go ahead and try it. But that's on you, and you'd have to offer support for that. But I'd also ask you to consider what this mod is: it's tank armor and not a bikini set. If you read into the in-game lore, even Dwarven armor is heavy tank armor. By extension, aetherial armor is even better tank armor. But hey, modding is all about imagination. Don't let me stop you from extending this mod, so long as your patch marks this page as a required base mod.

Power Armor Stats:
These are the power armor stats as they exist now. 

Power Armor: 
  • Absorbs incoming spells 10% chance
  • Carrying capacity increased 100 points
  • Health increased 100 points
  • Activatable cloaking device

Power Boots:
  • Absorbs incoming spells 10% chance
  • Stamina increased 100 points
  • Stamina regenerates 50% faster
  • Carrying capacity increased 50 points
  • Walking and running speed increased 20%

Power Gauntlets:
  • Absorbs incoming spells 10% chance
  • Unarmed strikes do 21 points additional damage
  • All weapon attacks do 45% more damage
  • All weapons attacks are 20% faster
  • Carrying capacity increased 50 points

Power Helmet:
  • Absorbs incoming spells 10% chance
  • Destruction spells 50% stronger
  • Can swim underwater without drowning 
  • Magicka increased 100 points
  • Carrying capacity increased 50 points
  • Triggerable Night Vision

Power Amulet:
  • Health regenerates 100% faster
  • Magicka regenerates 100% faster
  • Stamina regenerates 100% faster
  • Increases poison resistance by 100%
  • Increases disease resistance by 100%

Power Ring:
  • Fire resistance increased 50%
  • Frost resistance increased 50%
  • Shock resistance increased 50%
  • Magic resistance increased 50%

Mod Update History – descending order

February 24, 2021
InsaneGizzardSauce added as a mod contributor and posted an update with the following improvements:
  • Meshes were run through Cathedral Assets Optimizer (CAO).
  • After use of CAO, the meshes were put in a BSA.
  • Mod was cleaned with SSEEdit.
  • Mod was saved in Creation Kit to ensure mod is form 44.

November 3, 2016
  • Darkjesusmn updated “Aetherium Weapons and Armor” to Skryim SE.

The following notes are copied from the original mod on Skryim LE ( and are kept for historical purposes.

January 24, 2013
I have made a few major changes, for one, there are no longer "aetherial weapons", these are now power-weapons. Second, the Power Armor enchantments have been changed so that each armor piece has a unique enchantment that is not found on any other item (as far as I know). Third, aetherium material type counts now as a bonus against daedra and spectral beings and dwemer machines.

The new special enchantments are:
  • Armor: Provides a Cloaking Device -Power ability that lets you turn invisible, move silently and improves sneak, once per day for 180 sec. like a standard power.
  • Gauntlets: All weapon attack speed is increased by 20%.
  • Helmet: Allows you to trigger Night Vision for 60 sec. unlimited number of times per day.
  • Boots: Movement Speed is increased by20%.

Formerly known as the "Dwarven Dwemer Power Armor". This mod adds the Aetherial Armor and Weapons to Skyrim, and Blank versions that are just called Aetherium. I have replaced the "Dwarven Dwemer Power Armor" with this one, you can still however download the old version of that in the files section.

  • Aetherium Armor & Weapons adds the main things as fallows: "Aetherium Ore" chunks, that can be found in dwemer storehouses or storehouse like areas. You can also find them in Blackreach, inside a few buildings and at Raldbthar deep market. Also, the new version will include more of the ore.
  • Aetherium weapons and armor. These are versions that are not enchanted. The Aetherial Weapons are pre-enchanted and cannot be enchanted or broken through disenchanting. Also, if you have completed the quest; "Unfathomable Depths", you will gain access to the Dwarven Power Armor recipes and the Aetherial Bolt Launcher.
  • You will have to do the crafting of all aetherial items in the aetherial forge that you will find in one of the Dawnguard's side quests, which can be started by reading the book called "Aetherium Wars". Also, the forge is the only place where you can smelt down the aetherium ore into ingots.

January 21, 2013

  • Added Female variations of the armor pieces.

January 19, 2013

  • “Aetherial Armor & Weapons Compilation” has been updated! Now includes a full arsenal of aetherial weapons, and blank silver ones. Also, the aetherium blank armor is now silver toned as well, the Dwemer Power Armor is still of the traditional color. The power armor also still requires for you to complete the "Unfathomable Depths" -quest to be able to build them.
  • The new version also includes Aetherial Bolt Launchers. These crossbow-based weapons convert your dwarven bolts into bolts of energy when fired. The construction of the Aetherial Rifles also requires the "Unfathomable Depths" -quest to be completed for these are the greatest of dwemer secrets.
Thank you to all you people who have supported this mod and provided with feedback, endorsements and reviews! It is very encouraging to
make more and improve the content with all the positive and creative feedback!
Thank you! (Lautasantenni)