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A comprehensive change to food and alchemy inspired by Requiem Overhaul and BRG The Gourmet from Legendary Edition

Permissions and credits
Current version: 2.5

For those struggling with the small fonts, you can download Legible Item Descriptions from Legendary Edition. It works with Special Edition.

This mod is no longer in active development. Anybody who wishes to expand on this mod is free to modify it in any way they wish.

What does this mod do?

Skyrim Alchemy and Food Overhaul (SAFO) is a large change to the way not just alchemy and food works, but the way the game is played. Inspired by Requiem Overhaul, food buffs are more important than default Skyrim and gives you an immersive reason to eat and drink.

The base of this mod was created in two mods from Skyrim 32-bit: Turija with Immersive Ingestibles and Borgiak with BRG The Gourmet. The idea was to make food mean something more than simply a roleplaying reason. Since Bethesda didn't include a reason to eat or drink beyond turning food into a small health potion, this mod (which integrates Immersive Ingestibles) attempts to get people to eat for the benefits it provides.

What are the exact changes you've made?


Like Requiem, alcoholic beverages have benefits and hazards. You won't become incapacitated like Requiem, but you will see positive and negative side effects. As an example, Firebrand Wine restores stamina, damages magicka regeneration, resists frost, damages stamina regeneration but fortifies your total stamina. With certain drinks like mead, you'll receive an unarmed buff.

The value of most potions has been reduced but the magnitude and duration has been increased. This aimed to solve two issues: First, potions wouldn't simply be sold to Belethor or left unused in your inventory. Second, potions have more meaningful effects.

Skooma has a lot of side effects, including fortifying melee, damaging stamina and magicka, fortifying and regenerating stamina, and adding a chance to damage health or paralyze the player

Some ingredients from Requiem have been added into the game from animals like wolves, mammoths, sabre cats, horkers, and bears. With Version 2.0 you can find hearts, lungs, livers, gills, meat, and eyes from every animal in the game. You can then create food from those ingredients at various crafting stations.

Experience from Alchemy has been slightly reduced to avoid exploitation.


Recipes have been tweaked for cooked chicken, beef, goat, horker, gorse, mammoth, pheasant, rabbit, salmon, venison, apple cabbage stew, beef stew, horker stew, venison stew, tomato soup, vegetable soup, potato cabbage soup, elsweyr fondue, braided bread, potato soup, clam chowder, mudcrab legs, bread, apple pie, chicken or lavender dumplings, cabbage stew and ash yam.

New recipes have been added (from Immersive Ingestibles and BRG The Gourmet), including but not limited to, steamed mudcrab, roasted bear meat, roasted sabre cat meat, roasted fox meat, roasted mammoth meat, baked potato, grilled leeks, baked ash yam, steamed ash hopper leg or meat, boiled egg, steamed clam, stewed squash. 

As of Version 2.0 you can create food items from any animal, including: Sausages, cooked meat, meat pies, salted meat, boiled meat, soup, stew, stock, meatballs, and pudding.

Raw food is now harmful to Bretons, Dark and High Elves, Imperials, Nords and Redguards. Orcs, Argonians, Khajiits and Bosmer can eat raw food

Gameplay changes

Health no longer regenerates, making potions of healing more valuable to hold on to. (As of Version 2.1, players can use an optional file to regenerate health)

Potions and food don't instantly restore the statistics listed on the bottle or item. Instead, they take up to 10 seconds for their full effect.

Food usually creates lasting bonuses for several hours of gameplay so pay attention to the descriptions


With Nexus Mod Manager (I don't personally use NMM but I know the majority of players do). If using Mod Organizer 2 then it's easier to check for conflicts with other mods and move SAFO above or below those mods in your left pane.

  1. Be sure to check the "compatibility" list below before installing
  2. Download and install "Skyrim Alchemy and Food Overhaul (SAFO) - Assets" from the files section. If you want SAFO's unique textures to show up in the game you must select "overwrite" when Nexus Mod Manager asks you.
  3. If you notice some food ingredients being invisible inside the game it means you have a texture conflict with SAFO and another mod. If that happens, try overwriting SAFO with another mod affecting food. Examples of this can be "High Quality Food & Ingredients" (but the SAFO.esp should always go after another plugin changing food).
  4. Download and install "Skyrim Alchemy and Food Overhaul (SAFO) - Core Files and Patches". Be sure and only install the patches for mods you actually use. As well, if you select more than one patch there is a good chance that one of them will overwrite the other. For example, the patch for Realistic Needs and Diseases would overwrite the effects for Frostfall. The patch for Imperious Races of Skyrim would overwrite the patch for Nexus Skyrim Overhaul.
  5. SAFO.esp should be loaded after any mods touching food or alchemy unless I've provided a patch for it.
  6. Users would greatly benefit from using a Merged Patch and a Bashed Patch.

  • Imperious Races of Skyrim: Compatible with patch in Version 2.2 Core files download.
  • FrostfallCompatible with patch in Version 2.2 Core files download.
  • HunterbornCompatible but food effects have not yet been added to custom Hunterborn food.
  • iNeedCompatible with patch in Version 2.2 Core files download. Now includes support for all new foods added in 2.0.
  • OrdinatorMostly Compatible. Load after SAFO.
  • Realistic Animals and PredatorsCompatible with patch in Version 2.2 Core files download.
  • Another Sorting ModCompatible with patch in Version 2.2 Core files download.
  • XxAwesome_PotionsxX SSE: Compatible with patch in Version 2.2 Core files download.
  • Simple Magic RebalanceCompatible. Very minor conflicts in Fortify magic effects but hardly noticeable.
  • Realistic Needs and Diseases: Compatible with patch in Version 2.2 Core files download. Now includes support for all foods added in 2.0.
  • Valdacil's Item Sorting: Compatible with patch added in Version 2.2 Core files download.
  • Animated Eating Redux: The latest version of that mod (3.0) is fully Compatible out of the box. Do not use my old patch.
  • Survival Overhaul mod from Creation ClubCompatible with a patch from the optional downloads section.
  • Nexus Skyrim Overhaul: Partly compatible with a patch from the optional downloads section. Does NOT include any support for foods added in Version 2.0. The leveled lists will not work without a bashed patch.
  • Better Food Effects: Mostly incompatible. Load SAFO after Better Food Effects so that this mod overwrites the changes to vanilla foods. The custom foods created by Better Food Effects will be fine.
  • Skyrim Alchemy Fixed. Mostly Incompatible. Load one after the other based on your preference. Patch not possible.
  • Better Harvesting: Mostly Incompatible. You will need to resolve conflicts in the leveled lists with a bashed or merged patch. Also, several food items conflict but I can't see how they would be a problem. Patch not possible.
  • Morrowind Miscellania: Mostly Incompatible. The mod overwrites every change SAFO makes to potions and also to alchemy ingredients. You can use both mods but whichever mod is loaded after the other one will win the conflicts. Patch not possible.
  • Cooking in Skyrim: Incompatible. The two mods do the same things.

This mod is NOT and never will be a spiritual companion of the vanilla Skyrim mod Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul. That mod is a very unique and comprehensive mod adding tons of new recipes and a new perk system. This is a much simpler mod.

Report any bugs as well.

How is this different from the mod Cooking in Skyrim?

That mod is awesome! I really like what he's done with creating required perks for certain recipes. It's a viable alternative to this mod. They are not compatible together.

This mod allows multiple food buffs at once while CiS does not. This mod also handles a lot more than just food.

Pick the one you like best and go with it.


Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Recommended Mods

Jaxonz Positioner will make your life easier when creating Bakery Ovens, Processing Board and Tables.


1. Acerac (Tuija) for Immersive Ingestibles. It's a cool mod.
2. Borgiak for allowing me to incorporate his mod "BRG The Gourmet"
3. Xarrian and the Requiem team for their inspiring roleplay overhaul
4. Special thanks to Malrama for bugfixes update to 2.5
5. chocolatenoodle for the idea to make potions last 2 minutes long in Skyrim Alchemy Fixed
6. snbcj for some of the tweaks in his mod Requiem - Alchemy Rebalance 1.2
7. wcpaeb from Cooking in Skyrim, Radioactivelad from Subsistence - Food and Regeneration and squira13 from Food Overhaul for making food mods that allowed me to check for missing recipes or conflicts
8. Sharlikran for TES5Edit
9. Bethesda for Skyrim