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Next Generation 3D Forests

Permissions and credits

Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants v4.00 NEXT GENERATION FORESTS
The most realistic forests simulation in gaming at this moment.

  • More than 220 High Quality 3D replacer models for the Skyrim trees and plants.
  • High Quality sharp lightweight texturing.
  • Weight painted foliage (trees with leaves and plants) for extremely realistic wind animations.
  • ESP plugin fixing awkward trees placement around the map.
  • UV Fixed wood logs meshes
  • Prefabricated tree LOD , Tamriel and Solstheim

This mod includes some high poly models and could come with a penalty of 4-6 FPS in dense forest areas.

This mod is a Nexus exclusive, its mend to be free and is not allowed to be distributed anywhere without permission.


  • any mods adding trees and in the worldspaces like Bent Pines, Borealis, Great Forest of Whiterun, Immersive Fallen Trees etc
  • any new worlds mods , such as Bruma or Falksaar

  • any mods altering the meshes and/or textures of any trees like SFO, EVT, RAT, SBT etc
  • Enhanced Landscapes
  • Skyrim Is Windy

Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants should be loaded BEFORE
  • Realistic Water II
  • City Overhaul mods such as JK's

Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants should be loaded AFTER
  • any mods adding trees or plants in any cells
  • any mods affecting the wind animations, although its highly recommended to remove such mods completely

Software tools used to create and optimize the tree models featured in Skyrim 3D Trees
Blender | Nifskope | Gimp | NifUtilsSuite | SSEEdit | Bethesda Creation Kit | Substance Designer | Quixel Mixer

The tree trunk textures used in 3 models are created by David Chumilla
The 3D scanned model used in version 2.52 as tundradriftwood02 is created by Quixel Megascans.
The floraleek01 original model that is improved by this mod is copyrighted to the Bethesda Studios.
The rest of the models are created by the author exclusively for Skyrim SE and the Nexus repository.